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How to use the business card?

Came great times. Now cooks operate the state, elderly money-bags fly to space, and business cards do everything and on everyone. And important things escape at all listed categories. And in etiquette of business cards very important things which can help with business sometimes escape.

of the Business card are obligatory attribute of staff of firm who by the nature of the work contact to clients or representatives of other enterprises. Therefore, on the one hand, they can be seen at the small clerk, the service engineer or the loader, and at the same time even the chiefs of departments communicating only with the employees quite often do without office business cards. By the way, on etiquette, business cards should not " at all; suddenly to end!

To receive or transfer the business card it is very not simple process.

Having accepted the partner`s card at personal meeting, it is not necessary to do on it any marks, to rumple or just to twirl it in the face of the owner. But it is extremely recommended to read it at its presence (or to look with the interested look at couple of seconds) nevertheless, and, if necessary, to ask how the name or a surname what time it is better to ring, etc. is correctly said

should respond To the received business cards own (within 24 hours).

By rules of the protocol after the taken place acquaintance by the first the person having more low rank has to leave the business card. If the persons holding equal position got acquainted, then has to leave the first the business card younger on age. And at last, the business card has to be given upon termination of a meeting, but not at the beginning.

Women should not leave the business card in the house of the single man at all.

After representation to the woman the man has to as soon as possible no later than in a week to send it the business card and a card for her spouse even if it was not presented to the spouse.

Bilateral business cards, widespread at us, - a sign of a bad form. On etiquette the business card is printed in the native language of the one who it is handed so if you deal with foreign partners, order a job lot of business cards.

The business business card without address also does not meet standards of etiquette (an exception diplomats and the highest state officials make). If you change the address, and you do not know the new phones yet, then it is better to specify the official address of your organization, phone of the secretariat or office.

The second party of the business card has to be obligatory pure that the person could leave on it marks and records.

On the business business card it is necessary to leave pure and the right upper edge. It is intended for writing of a name of the one to whom you want to transfer or leave the business card and his position, for example: - well to Pupkin, the department head . When developing design of the business card always leave in the right top corner the pure place for such note. You leave the business card with such marks at office of the person which was not found for any reasons.

Also, you can send such business card with a mark by mail or transfer with someone. But, if you give her with someone then it is necessary to fold the left top corner.

Left bottom corner. Too it is necessary to leave it empty when developing that in it it was possible to write about the purpose of delivery of the business card. Is more whole much, all of them have a special abbreviation which needs to be known (especially if you cooperate with foreigners).

I do not apply for completeness of the dictionary provided below, but I warrant for accuracy.

P. R. V. (pour rende visite) - the business card with such inscription you put in an envelope with the answer to the invitation, confirming that it is accepted, and you are ready to visit.

R. R. (pour presentation) - for representation . This inscription is done for the purpose of acquaintance, by recommendations. The business card with such mark is put in an envelope with the letter of recommendation.

P. F. C. (pour faire connaissance) - concerning acquaintance . Expression of satisfaction with acquaintance. The business card with such inscription can be sent after already taken place meeting with the partner, the employer, the customer, it will testify to interest in a meeting and the serious attitude towards the partner.

P. P. C. (pour prendre conge) - concerning farewell . Such inscription is pertinent on the business card sent for the notice on departure if you wish to say goodbye in absentia, without having an opportunity to make it personally. Often businessmen, happening in business trips and establishing connection and partnership, leave, without having said goodbye to new acquaintances and without having informed them on departure, - it looks discourteously and does not promote fixing of contacts. Therefore on the eve of departure it is better to send by mail (or with colleagues, but without having forgotten at the same time about the folded left top corner) the business card with such mark, having once again reminded of themselves.

P. F. (pour fete) - by the holiday . The business card with this inscription can add a gift, a bouquet of flowers, a product sample which you send on the occasion of what - a nibudprazdnik in business or in a social life or maybe it will just replace a greeting card (in case your relations are strictly official and reserved).

P. F. F. N. (pour faire fete nationale) - on the occasion of the national holiday . Do not forget to congratulate the foreign partners on their national holidays. The respect and attention for the foreigner can be shown, having sent the business card with such inscription.

P. F. N. A. (pour fete Nouvel An) - on the occasion of New year . If you already received the business card with a congratulation from the partners, then, wishing to thank for it and to congratulate at the same time, use an inscription P. R. F. N. A. (pour remercier er fete Nouvel An) - with gratitude and New Year`s congratulations .

P. R. (pour remercier) - with gratitude . The business card with this inscription can replace the letter of thanks after receiving gifts, flowers, advertizing materials, rendering any services, and also after reception visit.

P. C. (pour condoleances) - condolence . Such business card can be sent together with flowers, a monetary contribution or instead of the letter on the occasion of death any of partners, his relative or the employee, and also concerning national mourning and other tragic events.

It is desirable to know these marks, especially, if you lay claim valid businessman . Who knows in what situation you can appear in life and with whom you should communicate. These reduced expressions are applied not only in France, but also around the world - just the tradition went - to write in French (eternally they will think up something).

Any business card which remained with the interlocutor leaves at him resistant association with its owner. Therefore it has to be made so that to cause positive emotions in the one who looks at it. Irrespective of the fact which were guided by approach at its order (for beauty or for business), the business card has to be stylish, well imposed, qualitatively printed and, the most important, correct.