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How not to fall a victim of a tariff plan of the mobile operator?

All of us got used to mobile phones for a long time. Many of us managed to get used to the telephone numbers, and are not going to change them at all. What does it threaten us with? How not to fall a victim of a tariff plan? About it the speech will go below.

the First danger

So, for a start ask yourself a question: How long I was connected (was connected)? If passed year or even half a year, then it is worth reflecting, the operator can change with ease your tariff plan unilaterally, without notifying you. And you will be surprised to the fact that money depart to the pipe . In most cases operators transfer the subscribers to other tariff plan for the simple reason: your plan became outdated, and more services in it are not rendered, and in most cases transfer people to not the most favorable tariffs. All of you still protect the number? the Second danger

the Cheap tariff plan can not guarantee to

qualities of the provided service, usually how many you pay, it is so much you and receive. Your short messages do not reach the addressee, and it is necessary to send them on 10 - 20 pieces? You cannot phone to the person though his phone is switched on and lies in the neighboring room, and instead of long beeps you hear the polite voice reporting that the subscriber not in a network area of coverage. Wonder, the economy in 3 kopeks justifies that in emergency situation your phone will be useless?

the Third danger

All pluses of a corporate tariff can be listed to

infinitely. But any company - not the charitable organization, and in case of your dismissal you will lose a phone number. But it is not the only trouble. The second most important minus is uncontrollable expenditure and talk. Not everything is compensated by the employer, the part of expenses everything are your salary provides. That it is only more important - - to solve a corporate tariff or complete control of the expenses to you.

Fourth danger

Monthly fee. Many operators refused this practice, but as it appeared, the same payment only passed into other course. Instead of a monthly fee for telephone negotiations we received the same expenses for the services provided by the mobile operator. As many tariff plans include these services, under the fact that to you can change a tariff plan any minute, you will be the victim of the same monthly fee. As you have no free access to check write-off of funds from your account, you never learn what you pay for. Whether it is worth paying for what you do not use?

the Fifth danger

Segmentation of a traffic, to be exact division of a tariff plan for rather cheap minutes and quite expensive negotiations, so one minute of conversation from your mobile phone on stationary number can cost you in six, and sometimes tens times more expensively. There are tariff plans where there is a division according to cost even on mobile phones of different operators. All this can be also changed unilaterally.

To fall a victim of a tariff plan - prospect not from the best therefore take care. Check and control the expenses, it is only possible to trust himself.