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What is money? It absolutely not that it seems to you!

What is money? Gold circles with pleasant gloss? The rumpled pieces of paper in a sweaty fist? The check with monograms smelling of printing house and death? A monthly tip in cash desk for which receiving demand to leave the autograph in the sheet? Who will tell me exact, capacious and exhaustive definition of the term money ? Anybody! However, options the set is offered, but any does not satisfy me.

In a format of this article I have no opportunity to fundamentally prove my recommendations, but here as at visit to the fortuneteller or the psychic: you want - you listen to councils, you do not want - you do not take them into account.

For a start I will try to define absolutely truly what is money for the majority of the population, and I will prove that this general delusion! Look narrowly, listen to yourself! Find out for yourself absolutely sincerely and honestly what is money for you and a lot of things will clear up. Let me try to help you with it. Money is your artificial person, it is your mask, so to speak, for office use at communication with similar. This your self-affirmation in own eyes, eyes of your relatives and in general is a criterion of it you what you want to see for people around and for itself. It is clear, that actually all this has a little general with what you are actually.

An error of most of philosophers and researchers of this question that for a reasoning on an inhuman subject which is not even defined in the true essence they offer human concepts. Really, I did not find any criterion of cost of this or that activity, except Russo`s criterion: the person has the absolute and inalienable right to the cost of the subject made by his own hands of the material " belonging by the right of accessory to all people;. All other criteria for evaluation of work in monetary or any other value - are doubtful, inexact and are easily challenged.

One of the main incentives moving us to money is envy. All condemn this envy in others and often simply do not wish to recognize it in themselves, deceiving themselves and applying its smoothed versions to internal tranquility: ambition, determination, pragmatism and. etc. It is necessary to agree with Schopenhauer who called envy the main enemy of our happiness. Listen to one more thinker (Seneca About anger III, 30): Let`s enjoy our destiny, without resorting to comparisons, - the one who is tormented by a type of bigger happiness " will never be happy;.

So, my recommendations. Main and the most important: money - category inhuman therefore to apply to concept to them human (conscience, decency, honesty, sincerity) - it is silly! It is all the same that plot to try to extinguish the fire. It does not mean at all that the author tries to suggest you to become a geek without honor and conscience. Though for accumulation of money it is the fastest, certain and productive way. All trouble is that we are people both this absolutely logical and sure method does not suit the majority of us. What to do?

The first: to exclude all human categories in the relation with the contractor with which you enter the monetary relations.

What it means? It means that you, in return, absolutely honestly fulfill all arrangements and obligations, but at the same time assume the following: if there is an opportunity to deceive you - you will deceive! If there is an opportunity to throw you - you will throw. Exclude these opportunities and everything at you will turn out.

The second, very difficult, but, unfortunately, a necessary condition - reconsider all the life and define occupation in which you agree to be engaged without any money, just because it is pleasant to you, and use all the energy and talent here to the maximum. The success will come. And together with it also money, but already as means, but not as the purpose will come.

In conclusion I will introduce blasphemous on today`s moods in the country the idea: Only then Russia will become great when it is painfully a shame to seem to the rich and to be it how today are ashamed of secret defects, and it will be a shame to the owner of wealth .