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Iridology: what is visible on eyes?

the Modern equipment - it is good. Will glance in heart, in a stomach, a backbone and a brain, will educate... The electrocardiogram, ultrasonography - these abbreviations unless are unfamiliar to babies. But really it is impossible to make the diagnosis somehow more simply? That neither analyses, nor raying. So that only to look to the person in eyes - and everything is clear at once?

Diagnosing of a condition of an organism on eyes exists. Or rather, on a condition of their iris of the eye. Also this method is called iridodiagnostichesky. It is very ancient, mentions of its use, their age two and a half thousand years remained. Even the traditional medicine does not deny that each internal body has the projection on our external cover. On skin, for example, there are active points. Everyone is connected with concrete body. The reflexotherapy is also based on it. Here also and eyes are a peculiar reflection of what occurs in our organism.

Ached - the pigmentary spot on a projection of appropriate authority appeared. Recovered - from a spot only the point remained. Immunity - " fibers weakened; parted the raduzhka became less dense. God forbid, broke a hand or a leg - emergence of a hyphen in the appropriate place of an iris of the eye is provided to you. The change grew together - and the hyphen almost disappeared... There were malfunctions in some body - you feel nothing yet, and on your raduzhka there is already a signal of it. Nervous breakdowns and stresses leave the prints too. And our eyes during all life change, and we even also do not notice it.

Iridologists have special somatotropichesky cards on which the projection of different members of the body to a raduzhka is specified. There are schemes on which are applied to of an iridoznaka . These are the pathological changes on a raduzhka caused by diseases. All of them were defined within centuries. Ancient healers noted what changes happen in an iris of the eye at these or those diseases. All these data collected, and now such iridoznak several hundreds are known.

The iridologist examines an iris of the eye of an eye of the patient. Then it compares what was seen to the tables. Different schools of iridology use own schemes, but differences between them insignificant. On the right eye diagnose a condition of the right half of a body, on left - left. Change of structure, density, color and mobility of an iris of the eye on a certain site demonstrates existence of a problem in appropriate authority or system. Pay also attention to pupils - their size, a form, symmetry. The state skler matters too.

Use of difficult medical equipment is often focused on detection of an illness of concrete body. But the person - uniform system. The iridology defines a condition of an organism in general. The expert will see both the postponed diseases and injuries, and a condition of immune system. It will also define to what diseases of people has genetic tendency. Knowing it, they can be avoided.

Here also leaves that the iridologist knows everything - what was that will be and than heart will calm down . Backbone diseases, zheludochno - an intestinal path, heart and genitals are best of all diagnosed. Badly it is visible asthma, diabetes and rheumatism. And it is impossible to find existence of a tumor in any way. But by means of this method it is possible to notice some diseases which still are in the asymptomatic period. With definiteness it is possible to diagnose a psychological state of the person, stress level. The expert will also tell whether help you medicine which you take now and whether much they collected in your organism.

But the iridology cannot replace usual methods of inspection, it only supplements them. Being based only on it, it is impossible to dogmatize that there is some problem, it is necessary additional inspection.

Of course, it is possible to find tables on iridology. And to try, looking in a mirror, there to define something independently. Only nothing will come of it. As in diagnostics not separate data, but their combination and a ratio are important. So do not represent doctor not to frighten yourself of what you do not understand, look for the expert. You can very much approximately to diagnose condition of the health.

You have a dense structure of a raduzhka? High intensity of its color and drawing? There are no spots and asperges? I welcome - at you good immunity, diseases about you will break teeth, and you will live long. But for the detailed and concrete diagnosis the expert is necessary.