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Why it is worth addressing the psychologist with a phobia?

There where all other conditions are equal,

comes out the winner more courageous .

We already in detail sorted

in other article what is phobias, I will remind only that - of the Phobia are so-called fixed, persuasive states which are surely thematically connected with some circumstances.

the Leading symptom in a clinical picture of phobias is pristupoobrazno the arising sensation of fear. And here at peak of emergence of PAS the criticism to the state is, as a rule, sharply lowered. At this time the person tries to resist fear, but by method of avoiding of the situation causing this phobia. Instead of relaxing and distracting the attention to something else.

I here feeling these phantom fears of people, builds from itself the sufferer sick and unfortunate. But these problems do not belong to mental diseases at all.

So many glorify the sufferings, improve them, find in them a certain sense. And in it find so-called - secondary benefit .

Despite the critical attitude towards the phantom fears, doubts, inclinations, persuasive actions, fobik itself cannot get rid of them.

Is frequent fobik prefer to address frank charlatans: to sorcerers, that they were exorcized, or fall into religious marasmus, and wait that the miracle came true.

I being convinced that it does not help, declare:

Wanted to recover! But it is not treated!

Yes who treated them - that, got them only in on a bubble scheme as suckers. Miracles only in fairy tales happen. For you nobody will change your mentality, time you learned it, and to be retrained to you!

I therefore it is not surprising that in most cases not fobik, but their relatives see a doctor.

Itself fobik demands guarantees, waits for a miracle if only to do nothing. But in this triangle the PSYCHOLOGIST - the PHOBIA - the PATIENT, it is very important whose part is taken by the person. Unconsciously, but the person who is persistently suffering from a phobia works at the party of the illness, feeding it. there is no

In psychotherapy guarantees if the person is not motivated on changes, and does not seek to change. The psychologist not the surgeon successfully to cut out appendicitis, it only helps to reveal to the person and to find a way out of the situation. here also the fobik needs to decide

I that it is necessary for it and as he will live then without the phobia. The person got used to this state, and already receives certain preferences, in psychology it is called secondary benefit . You know how it is difficult to change the habits if they besides harmful.

Here also suffer people - fobik from these phobias - habits all life, try to ignore them, to interpret in own way, and most often - to escape from them (in work, in other person, in religion, in imaginations, in diseases, in alcohol).

Running away from the sufferings, you run away from yourself . It is important to receive pleasure from overcomings . You will begin to respect yourself!

One more way of flight from alarm of the person with fobichesky reactions is an occupation by self-treatment. They buy medical books, rummage in special magazines, seek to try all possible methods of treatment and that the most dangerous, is only expanded by a circle of the phobias. Were afraid of one, and now to be afraid of Everything!!!

they did not treat the reason as did not understand that - the Phobia is the conditioned reflex which was established at some point and connected with emotionally - a sensual impulse.

Here also avoid the direct appeal to the internal conflicts, hoping for the help from the outside.

At our first meetings needs to be sorted, first of all, what secondary benefit is taken by the client from the coward behavior in various circumstances.

Chances to understand the client increase if the psychologist makes an attempt to look at his problems or symptoms in wider context, but not just to listen to its complaints.