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But all - what, it it is a phobia?

I me three phobias:

I hate going to bed,

I hate getting up and I hate remaining one .

Tallulah Bankhed (1903-1968) the film actress

In classical understanding a phobia is unreasonable, involuntary, inadequate reaction to fear which, as a rule, leads to avoiding of the everyday places, objects or situations with it connected - Ross explains.

However in true sense a phobia is a fear of the fear.

The Phobia is a fear of own impulses, - Ross considers. - It is fear to panic and lose control. Generally it is fear of itself and losses of control over a situation .

Suffering from a phobia always know that their fear does not correspond to a situation, - Ross says. - For example if you fly by plane during a thunder-storm and you feel fear, is a normal reaction. However if your chief says that you have to go to few weeks to business trip, and you immediately begin to worry that on the plane you will have a panic attack, it does not correspond to a real situation, - the phobia is always irrational .

can Be afraid of anything. For example, I had patients who several years did not leave the house - because were afraid of everything around. At first they were afraid of something separately, but the phobia tends to expand.

Then they began to be afraid of the city per se. And in several years of the exhausting, every minute, sharp fear, people becomes the disabled person. Do not allow such state, begin in time, on it not much time, forces and money will leave.

I to it are led not by(with) situations of life of this person or heredity, and his strategy of perception of the world therefore urgently we change strategy and live fully, with pleasure and pleasure.

Of course, fear often carries out protective function, in literal sense fearless people perish most often. Therefore existence of fear is absolutely necessary for normal mental development of any person and is a vital indicator.

But it is necessary to distinguish a phobia from usual, justified fear.

All reasonable fears - active: the person, as a rule, constantly looks for ways of disposal of them, and seeks to overcome the situation connected with fear and threat. we Will draw with

the scheme as arises and the fear, and with it and our phobia is consolidated.

The EVENT - the FRIGHT - FLIGHT - PLEASURE (because that nothing happened to us) and then again the same events repeat and here we already received a conditioned reflex.

The phobia is born not for each fear but only when the person makes an attempt flight from unsuccessful disposal of fear.

When people avoided it, it has a content - carried by and this imaginary pleasure fixes a conditioned reflex. We begin to be afraid of emergence of fear, we avoid it and we receive the Phobia. It is fulfilled by

in the head of the person the same as a conditioned reflex at Pavlov`s doggies.

you felt horror, pain, try to get rid of it vainly. And here at this moment you should connect only the fear with something, you will have a fixed phobia on this signal. In the same way as on a red bulb salivation at poor doggies.

Remember as the juggler in circus, again and again repeats an unfortunate trick not to leave the arena with defeat. Does not leave, does not run from the arena, and that any more will never be able to return there.

We approached the most important, maybe, question - understanding of an essence of our fobichesky attacks.

Fears happen two types - normal and neurotic. differ in

First from the second in existence of the visible (objectively perceived) threat which does not guess and is not exaggerated. Besides, during natural fear we practically do not feel it, and are completely concentrated on a problem which we try to solve at this moment.

But here you begin to think, not something should be done, but that happens to you. You are covered by the thought-up horror of the future. Still how to be told it happened nothing, and you the fear caught already on a hook - fear this neurotic, and it is necessary to get rid of it.

So, the first essential difference of natural fear from neurotic is an existence or absence real, i.e. visible, threats.

The normal fear is a reaction to actually existing adverse external circumstances,

and neurotic fear and feeling of alarm is the concern caused by the assumption of a possible failure.

Neurotic fears are just a habit to be afraid. Each of us trained to be afraid of a certain set of the facts and circumstances. And it is important to understand that not we are frightened by these or those things, and we them are frightened because we learned, trained, rehearsed this role.

They say that the habit is the second nature. And it is correct, but where such nature is good even if also the second?!

A phobia - feeling passive: the fobist avoids unpleasant situations, but does not seek to get rid of the obsessional neurosis. Besides because at heart something it is pleasant to it. What does not need to be overcome, and can hide or hide the complex behind this phobia, to receive secondary benefit (when the true problem is behind it).

The phobia is a fear which is not proved at all and the fear useless and ruthless is not necessary for a survival. The person is afraid of what is obviously safe.

the Phobia - always fear absurd and inexplicable.

In eternal change of vital circumstances and those problems that they are accompanied, roots of many phobias and neurosises are covered. When you come up against a situation which demands tension of your forces, occur three quickly replacing each other of the phenomena:

An event.

Your perception of an event.

Reaction of a body to your perception of this event.

the event hardly gives in to your control. We are fated to live in series of change of different situations of life, such not subject to us.

Perception of this event is defined by opportunities of your consciousness, and is more often subconsciousness. If you reproduce an event as if it is beyond your opportunities, then the organism reacts automatically, preparing for fight or retreat, and such reaction to a stress does harm.

But time we are not able to change all events representing for us tests, therefore, we should react so that they did not pose for us threat. More definitely would not cause those not desirable physiological reactions of an organism, as lead to panic attack.