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Fear, phobias - as with it to live?

Two feelings fight in soul of the person:

fear of death and

fear of life .

I. Shevelyov.

Fears, unfortunately, almost integral part of our life. They penetrate it from top to bottom and from edge to edge, but not so they are useless. They warn us and rescue from dangers. Fears of the real world allow us to keep own life. We do not jump from the 20th floor though it and quicker, than on the elevator. We do not go on thin ice, and it is not desirable to go to red light of the traffic light. And the rack of stray dogs causes in us both fear and desire to avoid this meeting.

Fear always accompanied with a black shadow mankind, and the mystical fear was the most part it. The person was afraid novel and unclear, creating myths and beliefs, only some plots connected with it partly changed only heroes and gods changed.

Is indisputable, our life is full of difficulties, fears and stresses, and here we dare to conquer our inner world phantoms and demons of fear . And then the reality is substituted for a substitute, and it surely affects in our actions and ours health. We run from ourselves, from the desires and hopes.

Fears not only accompany our life, warning us against rash acts, but also are necessary to us. Ourselves look for thrills seasoning our life " pepper; fear.

of the Cave of horror, movies the horror films taking attractions - all this warms blood, forces to be emitted adrenaline. Really we manage to be afraid of the most interesting and unexpected things. Remember, how at these moments when you are covered by feeling of fear heart clenches . And this feeling in general more pleasant, after inflow of horror, releases us, danger as if recedes. And we test satisfaction and relaxation.

A our fears - about the future when we predict failure and trouble, frightens what has to happen fear of novel. When something occurred or just occurs in real time - already not so terribly, here it is necessary to work.

The Fear is a poisonous cocktail from an instinct and imagination .

V. Krotov.

Features of our mentality are in what for the same function is answered immediately - fear and common sense. And here having really weighed threat of our life and to health, the common sense defines how to react to this or that danger.

I are possible here, for example such options:

Run, escape!


Everything is all right, do not worry! .

But it we tell about real fear.

Us sometimes capture such fears:

At me nothing will turn out!

How others will estimate me what will think?

Why I am not understood, all do not care about my problems!

I can die, nobody will help me!

I these fears are connected with the conflict of consciousness and subconsciousness, and in each case the phantom fears which still undergo replacement are possible (when one fear is replaced with another). And here, it seems, guess what conflict is the cornerstone of your phobia, are afraid it seems of one, and actually a basis of it in other problem.

These fears can be united:

For own life, health, safety (morbid depression, fear of death).

Connected with other people or circumstances (fear of the conflicts, losses of the person claustrophobia).

In the sphere of communication and the sexual relations (a sotsfobiya and sexual fears).

The fear in itself is inherent in the person, and even the most ridiculous fear is not a phobia in the true sense of the word. Here it is necessary to consider that this let and the most silly fear, but it does not prevail over your life. (To me any vile insects are unpleasant). This fear it is total does not influence your decisions, does not prevent you to live.

Between simple fear and persuasive is an essential difference. At a phobia of people, as a rule, understands that his fear is caused by nothing and it is even senseless, but at the same time he does not cease to be afraid.

First of all, let`s learn to distinguish natural fear for neurotic.

The fear is the biological emotion which got to us from animals. Animals are afraid, and we are afraid. But here only animals are not anxious from - for the imagination, and we will decide something and we are anxious, and this difference is very essential.

is necessary For emergence of fear some external source of threat, some visible enemy. Having met threat an animal, will strain, will concentrate, but it will not be fear but only preparation for it, a peculiar preliminary stage before really being frightened. And when the animal is frightened, she either attacks or runs away.

A here at the person of any visible enemies is not necessary for emergence of alarm, it is enough to think, present, imagine - and, please, be anxious how many will get!

But also we cannot escape from phantom fears, legs become wadded, at once we become covered by a perspiration and we shiver. We receive so-called Panic Attack - P. A.

If to trust statistics, then neurotic fears are found in every third inhabitant of our distressful planet. The person is not a passionless contemplator of what occurs around him. We are captured - pragmatical desires, negative feelings, foreign thoughts, affairs, cares, the fatigue comes, there are offenses, and there and irritation, fear and alarm. It is counted even what fears how many.

How many people are rather afraid to fly by planes how many lives in prefeeling of fast death from some far-fetched, but at the same time incurable diseases, others to be afraid open space the third - closed .

To put it briefly, all of us scientists counted also everyone attached in the column. About it I will tell in separate article.

a fear Formula always same, and mechanisms at fear identical. According to these mechanisms fears arise, are fixed by our memory, are reproduced and expand, occupying all new and new areas of life.

I to get rid of the fear, is not enough only one desire and simple instructions too it is not necessary to wait - too difficult this computer, our Brain!

We have to understand as there is our fear that it represents. It is easy to be exempted from fear, by and large. We got it quickly enough, it is frequent from one attempt, remember how it was with you. It is necessary to know how it at us arose as works and where hides what parts of a body influences. Write

to me about it, it is very important by drawing up your individual program of classes in disposal of a phobia.