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Why stamp concrete?

Modern building cannot be presented without concrete, the construction material replacing a stone and known to mankind more than six millennia. The real concrete boom began in the middle of the 19th century after as the knitting substance began to use cement.

Since then concrete products are applied more and more widely, one of to no - Hau the last years - decorative surfaces from stamped concrete . Such surfaces perfectly imitate natural materials, possess high operational characteristics and are rather inexpensive.

Today do of stamped concrete platforms and parkings, drives and sidewalks, walking paths and even floors. Such covering is steady against influence of hostile environment and easily washes, maintains differences of temperatures from minus to plus fifty degrees, more than three hundred cycles of freezing and defrosting. The surface does not slide under legs and wheels, keeps color, does not burn out under sunshine.

At heavy car traffic stamped concrete maintains 4 - 5 years of operation if in the winter as anti-icers apply salt mixes - that only 2 - 3 years. But it does not mean that it is necessary to change a covering each 2 - 5 years. Repair consists in restoration of a protective layer.

In general technology of construction of decorative coverings from stamped concrete following. As well as in any other case, the basis from crushed stone and sand prepares, and then on it the concrete layer by traditional methods keeps within.

The surface of the concrete condensed with vibrators is smoothed down special gladilka, and then from above put a layer of a color hardener. Its appointment not only to give to concrete the necessary color, but also to increase density of the concrete basis due to filling of micropores.

Soft, not in time completely to grab the concrete surface is pressed by forms - the stamps imitating a surface of a stone, a brick, a tree or some other material. After drying from above put the sheeting urged to provide high adhesion and protection against attrition, influence of an ultraviolet and aggressive substances.

On color stamped concrete can be in harmony (or on the contrary, to contrast) with any object. Powder - a fixer which process the top layer of a concrete surface is issued thirty flowers, is what to choose from. Of course, it is not millions of flowers on the computer monitor, but in comparison with black asphalt or a usual gray concrete tile - the real palette of the artist.

The second indisputable plus of coverings from stamped concrete - simplicity of performance of work. With them the expert will cope with the minimum experience communication with concrete.

The cost of coverings from stamped concrete not much more exceeds usual concrete couplers. Additional processing of one square meter of surfaces will require various expendables worth about $5.

Low price, and the most important - fine appearance and excellent operational characteristics allow to use surfaces from stamped concrete in individual construction, an upclassing of dachas and cottages. The rich color palette and a possibility of imitation of any materials including which are not used by the modern industry any more do attractive new technology for carrying out restoration and recovery work.

Try, you will be satisfied.