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Inventory of Russia. What changed?

Before entry into force 221 - Federal Law the state considered the land plots and buildings standing on them and constructions as objects separate from each other with all that it implies. And consequences - the separate account when data on the earth and on buildings and constructions on it are considered and stored in the different instances which often are not simply competing among themselves for the place at feeding troughs and and openly conflicting. And whether it is worth mentioning what problems in this regard arise at the citizen who intended to legalize the rights for the real estate, or to make some procedures connected with need of a visit of these instances?

221 - Federal Law united all real estate in one concept - the uniform real estate object (UREO), and proclaimed about transition to the cadastral registration of the land plots in total with the capital construction projects standing on them. The law to us also promises to simplify all procedures connected with real estate, to transform campaigns on instances to the " system; one " window;.

In 2002 the Federal target " program was adopted; Creation of the automated system of maintaining the state land registry and the state accounting of real estate objects (2002 - 2007) and also its subprogramme Creation of system of the inventory of real estate (2006 - 2011) .

At the suggestion of this program are under construction, under repair, buildings for placement of the operational centers in them are equipped (on the basis of cadastral chambers). I happened to visit some of them. It is necessary to tell, impresses. In total at the modern level, it is computerized, quite convenient halls for expectation. By the way, according to regulations of carrying out the cadastral registration the waiting time of the visitor in turn will be limited that, undoubtedly, too extremely pleasant fact.

Databases of the inventory regarding the land plots are put in order, the cartographical basis, semantic (text) part of information on the land plots is ordered. If to consider that the cadastral registration generally - the thing continuous in time, then naturally arises many problems. But these problems find the solution owing to existence of the experience in this sphere which is already saved up since 2000.

Thus, the condition of databases of the inventory regarding the land plots nevertheless allows to speak about some more or less acceptable level, and work is continued.

Absolutely other picture is developed in the field of activity of BTI where account and technical inventory of capital construction projects is kept, on - correct nowadays called OTI (organization of technical inventory).

For simplicity of association I will call further them BTI. What is BTI, I think, there is no need to explain because, having a roof over the head, everyone at least once faced need of visits to this instance for various reasons - registration of technical data sheets, references etc. And there will hardly be many our compatriots who faced as necessary system of work of BTI and for whom this abbreviation would not become analog of bad abusive word subsequently.

Moreover, the situation with BTI personally is up to the end not clear to me because BTI in big weight are the commercial organizations earning money on the activity. Meanwhile, the services rendered by them are state. And BTI archives are the state fund. As work of BTI - to make measurement and shortchanging of your building (apartment), on the basis of these data to make technical data sheet and to give it validity by assurance, I have seemingly natural question: how the commercial structure can certify the state documents? And who will bear in this case responsibility for the mistakes made by technicians of BTI or their employees at paperwork? And we pay a tax according to the data which are contained in technical data sheets.

I will make a reservation, here it is not talked about BTI which are branches of Federal state institutions and the enterprises. To these BTI just there are no questions of competency of their actions, but, nevertheless, questions of dense bureaucracy still remain. In respect of denseness the question of implementation of work of BTI with extremely low use of modern technologies is still interesting. Huge layers of paper documents are stored in the BTI many archives, and this information has neither copies, nor analogs in electronic form. That document which on hands at owners is a copy of the registration certificate. The original is stored in BTI.

Even if not to penetrate into a question that the archive stored thus is subject to any negative physical transformations - aging, loss of documents, the fire in the building etc., difficulties in work with many thousands archives are easily representable. Meanwhile, this information has to be transferred to base of the inventory of real estate. Without it transition to the accounting of a uniform real estate object is impossible.

Work on the transfer to an electronic type of the BTI paper archives started since 2006, but there are too much problems and with methodology of digitization of data, and with quality of the received materials, their further adaptation to uniform base of real estate objects and a possibility of their use. Completion of this work, in my opinion, question not tomorrow`s and even not the day after tomorrow.

Besides discussion of a question of the place and a role of BTI after transition to the accounting of EON caused rough debate in circles of experts. Options up to a complete elimination of all BTI sounded as excess layer in the accounting of buildings and constructions. Today the storm abated, BTI reserved the functions, but some reorganization, seemingly, in this sphere will be too.

Complicated progress in data migration of BTI archives in base of the inventory of real estate, or rather, froze practically the current year, elimination even more earlier being responsible for the inventory and all with it the connected Rosnedvizhimosti which ceased to exist since March 1, 2009. Well and crisis, and as without it. Serious works demand serious money.

Rosnedvizhimosti succeeded new structure - Federal Registration Service which united in itself three earlier existing - already mentioned Rosnedvizhimost, Registration chamber and service of cartography. In general, it is logical if in principle objects inseparable from each other and to be considered and will nalogooblagatsya as a single whole. Both registration of the rights, and cartography here just on the place because the right is inseparable from object, and materials of cartographical works - the most important component of the inventory of real estate as without them to have a clear idea of an arrangement of the land plot on the Earth`s surface a little difficult.

Final transition to maintaining the cadastral registration of EON has to be complete by 2012 while the innovation is approved on so-called pilot regions is the Kemerovo, Tver and Samara areas. In these subjects already passed to commercial operation of system of the cadastral registration of EON.

Well, and we need only to wait and hope that by 2012 when transition to the account and the taxation of a uniform real estate object has to be complete, we will receive the strong, structured, competent system directed to protection of interests of the state and its citizens.