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Cherepanova`s mechanics: why the engine was called the overland steamship?

on August 1, 1834, 175 years ago, in a manor of the Ural industrialists Demidov gathered a lot of people. All could not wait to look how will pass test of the first overland steamship . Several previous tests ended with failure: at the beginning of the same 1834 of mechanics of Cherepanova, the father and the son, nearly died when at steamship the boiler exploded. This time, it seems, all defects were eliminated so everything had to pass without knot and a hitch.

Especially for the engine the pig-iron road was built. Its extent made 854 meters. Parovichok had to carry structure weighing a little more than three tons with a speed about 15 kilometers per hour. For those times it was just very healthy because to transfer these required 3,3 tons of freight, not less than 50 - 60 workers would be required in any way. Also would go loaded nearly half an hour. And so there was an opportunity to cope within four minutes

the Fruit of all life?

For the father, Efim Alekseevich Cherepanov, construction of the engine was one of the most considerable events in his life. It was anniversary for it, 60 - y year, besides owner Demidov at last gave in on arrangements public also provided to the talented mechanic manumission having exempted from a serfdom. Looking back for the lived years, Efim with grief thought that time flew by quickly, in heavy and often ungrateful work. Even front lines on the Russian scales of the enterprise of Demidov were not able to compete with Europeans. We used most often gratuitous human work while cars were involved in the same England on the heaviest sites.

Whether the Russian mechanics " could; to surpass Europeans? On the talent, creative and technical capabilities our self-educated persons hardly conceded to the colleagues. But the heavy burden of a serfdom, a terrible dullness and downtroddenness played the ungrateful role. In effect, Cherepanova could construct the engine even earlier, but all the time there were some obstacles. And if not avarice the owner who refused to buy steam-engines in St. Petersburg where for them tore up three skins, hardly to them, Cherepanov, would allow to work on this project. we Will catch up with

and we will overtake England?

Other thoughts overcame Miron. He was in the blossoming of creative thought, was proud of the fact that for short ten years they with the father constructed at least ten steam-engines facilitating forced labor on mines. Miron, as well as the father, visited England where he dreamed to glance at least with half an eye in drawings of the glorified Stefenson, but British are not fools, kept the secrets sharp-sightedly. To look - look, and here is how everything is arranged inside - guess itself Miron after return from England began to exasperate with

the father: And give, tyatya, we will construct this thingummy, I seem, guessed as! Efim Alekseevich beat off the son, in the last ten years he catastrophically lost sight so time for understanding drawings, left more and more. But he could not dissuade the son who, by the way, at that time still went to serfs. And well as we will construct this overland ship, and the owner and will write out the manumission for Miron?

began to build the Engine in October, 1833. Five months later it was ready. But on operational development still certain time left. As I already spoke, the copper blew up once.

But by August 1 of test were declared.

It is necessary to tell that the father and Cherepanova`s son drew conclusions from the first failure. Their engine passed from beginning to end chugunka never having stopped. Demidov was happy. And though did not write out the manumission, but ordered to make one more engine, is more powerful than the first time in one and a half. This order was executed - soon the 30 horsepowers parovichok was replaced by his elder brother containing 43 horses . And only after that, in 1836, Miron waited for release.

Just in case...

Of course, he not especially thought of why it occurred. And the solution was here in what. One of capital officials in strict confidence told Demidov that to him next year the successor of the Russian throne - Alexander Nikolaevich gathers. And he always very much likes to set inconvenient questions. Perhaps hour is not equal, to ask: And why you still keep such masters in servitude? . Therefore the owner had to write out out of harm`s way manumission .

The successor of a throne, really, arrived to the Urals, to Demidov` plants, spring of 1837. Where saw overland steamship . So it was called for the power and steam engines. Alexander and that who the author of the car took an interest? He was told: Cherepanova. In the same, 1837 began to construct the railroad to Tsarskoye Selo. It was let in October.

Two words about future of Cherepanov. Their creative ideas were not fated to come true. In 1842, vozvratyas from the next business trip, Efim Aleksandrovich unexpectedly died. Miron Efimovich continued business of the father, but it lacked it so. He worried tyatyu only for seven years also died on October 5, 1849, on the 47th year of life