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How to escape from attacks of rage and hysteria?

Which of us did not face the excited condition of mentality when conflict communication discomposes the adult or the child when conversation turns into shout when not easy to calm down, it is impossible to fall asleep. Rage and hysteria are characterized by special mental conditions of the personality at which control of the actions is lost, and her behavior can become unpredictable.

What can cause such special conditions of the personality? Mental injuries, as a rule, can provoke them at communication in a family, at school, on service, on the street, and also at unexpected news, incidents. Attacks of rage are similar to hysteria the fact that they can enter mentality into a life-threatening state in the absence of organic changes.

Long attacks of rage and hysteria can do serious harm to health: to end with a heart attack, a stroke, loss of consciousness, shock, paralyzes of hands, legs, a temporary blindness, glukhonemoty. Not for nothing hysteria is considered nervously - a mental disease and carried to one of main types of neurosis.

The name of this form of neurosis came from Ancient Greece and in translation meant - a disease of a uterus (hysteria). Now hysteria is connected with typological features of the person, his education and circumstances of life, but it is shown more often at women, than at men, owing to bigger emotionality and an impressionability.

Development of hysterical lines in children is promoted by the wrong education when the child grows in the environment of adoration, undeserved praise when parents carry out all its whims and desires when they are inconsistent, justifying offenses and by that forming at it an egocentrism, self-admiration, lack of an initiative. It is difficult to bring up one child - much heavier, than several children. Very quickly it becomes the center of a family, and the love parental to it becomes nervous - any illness is transferred hard, being reflected in mentality first of all mothers, showing hysterical lines.

The authority of parents - the authority of the help, the accurate, attentive management, the authority of knowledge is necessary for a family. The father and mother in the opinion of the child have to have such authority, and a sign that it is absent, disobedience of the kid is. The authority constructed on suppression, pedantry, manifestation of excessive love, reasoning familiarity and bribery helps only short time - there is neither left authority, nor obedience soon. To achieve perfect implementation of parental requirements, it is necessary to apply then the anger turning into rage: Finished everything - me! .

Parents have to know without any shpionstvo and importunate inquiries, than the child is interested with whom he is on friendly terms or is not on friendly terms that reads and as perceives read as he studies at school as he behaves as he treats teachers. Children have to tell parents about the problems is and there is an authority of knowledge. And he, in turn, will take to the authority of the help - each child has many cases when he does not know how to arrive when it needs the help. Children respect such parental authority.

And at five-year age, and in ten-year-old the basic principle of parental education is observance of a measure of activity and brakes. Since a year it is possible to cultivate activity at the child, at the same time limiting harmful desires. If the child hears one bans, then only brakes are brought up. In each childish prank you have to know till what time it is acceptable as healthy manifestation of energy and in what cases of force are trifled, showing bad work of brakes.

Types of mental states were defined by I. P. Pavlov thus: On one end there is an excited state, extraordinary increase of a tone of irritation when it is made impossible or very complicated brake process. It is followed by a normal, vigorous state, an equilibrium state between irritable and brake processes. Then a number of transitional states to a brake state " follows long, but too consecutive;.

The excited general state breaks theoretical and practical activities of the person. To demand from the child in such condition of perfect performance of lessons or other tasks it is useless. Processes of excitement and braking in bark and a subcortex of a brain define a mental condition of the personality: at activity of a subcortex and braking of bark the hysterical state is observed, at excitement of bark and braking of a subcortex - an asthenic state. Mental states, repeating, can become typical for this personality, defining her character, do not forget about it.

The mental states arising under the influence of external or internal influences can influence well or negatively vigorous activity of the person, bringing inspiration or apathy. They can be deep or superficial, depend on the personality or on a situation.

Studying behavior of children, it is necessary to remember that special value has the analysis of educational systems in the family and school which are building up integral character or inconsistent. Children easily come under influence of collective depending on authoritativeness of each child.

For teenagers opinion of collective and its mood can have crucial importance.

On it is model the well-mannered school student the bad collective can exert negative impact. If you noticed often repeating attacks of rage or hysteria at the child and connect their emergence with negative influence of school collective, do not hesitate - go to school, sound alarm. If the difficult situation and attacks of hysteria threaten health of the child, solve a problem with further stay in this class or educational institution.

A physiological basis of the emotions toning activity of the person is mainly excitement process, at the heart of such negative emotions as fear, there are braking processes. At children`s age excitement prevails over braking and defines the increased emotional excitability of the child. The mood of people around is transferred to it, he can begin to cry and laugh in a few minutes - it has a fast change of emotions. Dear parents, you remember it and in vain do not panic. With age relative balance of the main nervous processes is formed, feelings become more moderate and steady.

Remember also, dear parents that the child always tries to copy you! If he sees that by means of attacks of rage or hysteria it is possible to achieve the objective, then will arrive in the same way.

In spite of the fact that the art type of thinking is inherent in hysterical persons, they seldom achieve serious success in creativity from - for the egocentrism, desire to be constantly in the center of attention and strong suggestibility.

How to escape from attacks of rage and hysteria? First of all it is necessary not to create the situations injuring mentality, not to carry on offensive, offensive talk. At threat - to smooth critical moments, to distract on other subjects.

Avoid society of the people provoking attacks! do not forget

that a hysteria attack as reaction to strong spiritual wounds, physicians treat, using drugs and various techniques: hypnosis, psychotherapy.

If attacks of rage and hysteria are a consequence of education, then it is desirable to exclude absolutely from the use alcohol which rastormazhivat, to avoid the irritating situations, to try to go on nature, think more of pleasant, to tell good, to arrive on justice and to drink infusions of herbs.

Put a pottery rosette - it is useful to improvement of house climate.

Is noticed also that a herb balsam neutralizes energy of the conflict, and the atmosphere in the house becomes softer.

It is possible to treat displays of neurosis such medicinal herbs:

1. Cold infusion of a valerian - to fill in 2 teaspoons of the crushed roots in the evening with a glass of water of room temperature, to cover and leave till the morning. Next day to stir, allow to settle infusion. Not to filter! To accept on one tablespoon three times a day. Such cold infusion at the raised nursery of excitability helps, at hysteria, spasms.

2. The leaf of wild raspberry with the dried flowers or without them also works well at diseases of neurosis: one tablespoon of leaves is ready a glass of boiled water and one hour is drawn. Drink infusion as tea without restrictions.

3. Well infusions of a camomile pharmaceutical influence sore nerves, a hawthorn, a peppermint and other herbs - examples can be found in reference books of traditional medicine.

Protect the nervous system, the children, do not offend each other and be happy!