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This house is called my school? September 1 is devoted to

you despise life for the fact that its sense and the purpose are hidden from you, and you are afraid only of own death, the real thinker suffers that the truth is hidden from all, and is afraid for all people.

(A. P. Chekhov, " Fires;)

I here again outside August, and it means that very soon we will go to school again rather we will take away our elegant silly little chaps there. There passed 25 years as I graduated from school, and the same nervousness. It seems, air is impregnated with this nervousness. And in the pit of the stomach sucks not only at me. Every time, coming into the native school, you test involuntary awe: as if still you are a pupil, and with unlearned homework.

If you live on Bagramyan Street or just incidentally passed on it on the affairs, then you cannot but stop the look on this remarkable corner of our city. A beautiful, well-groomed front garden around the platform in which center the monument to the great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov towers. The bright, crimson, never withering flowers surround it. And behind them the orange building from the Armenian tufa with an elegant portal. Especially beautifully it is decorated for New year and in day of the Graduation Party .

This house is called my School it is sung in the anthem of our school - the Yerevan school N 55, of A. P. Chekhov. To my school this year knocked even 60, and me - 40! Of course, Dear Reader, You will argue with me and will fairly notice that do not live so much. Perhaps. But anyway - I congratulate teachers of this nice school, myself and all chekhovets !

Many residents of our city are proud of the fact that they or being chekhovets (though being chekhovets does not happen), or their children study at this remarkable school.

However our school, Dear Reader, alas, any more not that. And not only our school in my hometown. Something changed in the world. The time is out of joint (Link of times was interrupted). It is possible to argue much to argue, that it was better, and what became better. I do not know

Absolutely not long ago, on boundless open spaces of the English-speaking Internet the interesting reflection, the comic essay got to me, how the school for the last 40 years changed.

I will give this history with changes.

1969: Jack hunts ducks before the higher school and comes to school with the wind gun in the car. The principal attentively examines Jack`s gun, goes to the car, prevails the professional fowling piece and shows it to delighted Jack.

2009: There is a full evacuation of school, there comes FBI and takes away Jack in prison. Jack any more will never get access to the weapon. Skilled psychologists calm mentally - the injured pupils and students and teachers.

1969: John and Mark after school, fight on fists to the first " blood;. Gapers gather, Mark wins, John and Mark shake hands and become the best friends. Subsequently often remember this history with laughter.

2009: The vigilant director calls the police, John and Mark is arrested. Both get penal in a children`s colony and with a shame are expelled from school. In 10 years California is shaken by the whole series of cruel robberies. Head these attacks - idols of local derelicts - John and Mark.

1969: Jeffrey conducts strongly plays pranks in a class, is insolent to the teacher and breaks a lesson. Jeffrey receives the remark and goes to the director where receive serious scolding . After that comes back to a class and disturbs nobody any more.

2009: Jeffrey passes consultation at the psychiatrist. It put on strong antidepressants. He turns in a floor - the zombie, to a floor - the disabled person and all life lives in loneliness about the Syndrome of Deficiency of Attention. To the director - strogach !

1969: Billey breaks glass in the neighbour`s house for what his father flogs it a belt as To Sidorov goat . Billey does not beat glasses any more, comes to college and succeeds in life.

2009: The father Billey is arrested for child abuse. Billey is sent to a boarding school, soon he becomes the leader of a street gang. The psychologist finds at Billey`s sister the mass of psychological problems, Billey`s sister after psychological sessions admits what it in the childhood was flogged too and not only then the father gets long penal in prison where he comes very to a bad end as monster of children . Billey`s mother begins to live with this psychologist who is hidden a garden - the masochist. In 5 years she dies of an excessive dose of the preparation appointed by this psychologist. The psychologist carries out the remained life in lawsuits. In the same time there is its best-seller How I raise difficult children? Notes from the " courtroom;.

1969: Mark is hurt by the head and he takes with himself in school aspirin. At the principal after yesterday`s too the head hurts and Mark shares with him aspirin on the sports ground.

2009: The police is caused, Mark is expelled from school for violations school verification regime of " medicines; its car is searched regarding availability of drugs and the weapon. The leaders of the state with a shame dismiss the director for discrepancy without the right of occupation by teaching activity .

1969: Pedro fails examination in English. Pedro goes to summer school, finishes learning English, in several years takes examination and comes to college.

2009: Pedro`s Business the court of the state is transferred in Supreme. Newspapers insist that the requirement of knowledge of English for the American school is a manifestation of racial intolerance. Organization of protection of the civil rights pedrovy minorities files a lawsuit against all school education system of the USA and at the same time against the English teacher from school Pedro. The case is carried, English is excluded from the list of obligatory objects. Pedro gains the diploma, but after institute gets a job the lawn-mower as he does not know English.

1969: Johnny sorts a New Year`s cracker, thrusts it in bank with combustible substance and sets fire to an ant hill in the territory of school. Ants perish.

2009: Representatives of Bureau of Control of Alcohol, Tobacco and the Weapon, FBI and Department of Protection of the Fatherland are called. Unprecedented noise is made by Society of Protection of Insects. Dzhoniya it is arrested for attempt of an act of terrorism, FBI interrogates and opens business on parents, brothers and sisters go to a boarding school, computers are confiscated. The father Johnny is included in the list of potential terrorists and has any more no right to use public transport.

1969: James falls on change and breaks a knee. It sees crying the teacher Mary. Mary embraces Johnny and irons him on the head. James ceases to cry and runs to play further.

2009: Mary is accused of sexual harassment and loses work. It is threatened by 3 years in prison of staff. James takes a full five-year course for the children subjected to a sexual trauma. Becomes the neurotic. Joins the movement of Black Muslims. Goes to Iraq. Undermines itself together with car of the Red Cross. 7 killed, 2 are wounded.

Here such sad reflections, my dear Reader, on the eve on September 1. As Chekhov spoke: At heart, as in a pot from - under sour " milk;.

And can use recipe doctor Chekhov? Life - the very unpleasant piece, but it is very easy to make it fine... it is necessary: a) to be able to be content present and b) to rejoice to consciousness that could be worse .