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Where remained Friendship of the people ?

the Seventieth anniversary of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (ENEA) - not just local holiday. Strangely enough, it is the holiday the left nature it is a monument of not so big, but extremely saturated layer of time with the symbols, with the destinies.

About stories of the Exhibition center there are fine articles, and I want to write about its today, about the relation to symbols and the past. And the main symbol of the Exhibition - the " fountain; Friendship of the people (once was called simply Sheaf ). This fountain was always expensive gilded business card of the Soviet era.

The most monumental construction of architects K. Topuridze and G. Konstantinovsky, and also several sculptors and engineers. The volume of a bowl of the fountain makes about 4000 cubic meters, quantity of jet nozzles - 2000. The stream of water shot once on 22 meters up ( ceremonial streams ) . And, the control system allowed to manipulate streams, creating various drawings.

Someone, looking at the fountain now, is filled with pride of the lived time which considers at the same time both great, and terrible. This person will test both nostalgic, and bitter feelings. Someone also will not pay attention: you never know statues in Moscow of times of a Stalin empire style?

And someone will grin or will even laugh. And, it is even possible to laugh skillfully. There is in Moscow a figure (the poet - the writer - the artist - as now it is accepted, - all to a heap) Andrey Monastyrsky who describes this fountain peculiar. The fountain is a mandala (a Buddhist symbol, the sphere of dwelling of deities or pure lands Budd). And it is valid, in difficult geometrical figures there are beauty and secret. The pool of the fountain repeats a form of the octahedral area with internal sizes of 81 by 56 m.

In the center of the pool - a huge gold sheaf from crops, wheat and a sunflower, mainly. Is there and hemp what to hide, it was once necessary and important culture. Monastyrsky considers a sheaf as a deity, a fertility symbol. Of course, a fertility symbol and what in Russia can be a symbol how not a sheaf? Not a lotus, really.

Around a giant sheaf in a circle - 16 bronze beauties in national suits (once Karelo - Finnish the Soviet Socialist Republic was the federal republic, then it was abolished to Karelian by the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as a part of RSFSR). These figures of girls - collective farmers on granite pedestals (according to Monastyrsky, - virgins, as well as it is necessary in sacral constructions) are covered with gold leaf.

We will leave on conscience of the Moscow joker analysis of the " fountain;. Any architectural construction is possible and syak conceptually to consider. But the fountain remains an era symbol, and it is possible to sneer as is wished, but, apparently, very few people will begin to object to symbols of abundance or friendship of the people.

The fountain of Trevi - a symbol of Rome, in it the " fountain; coins of tourists pour (which go then to charity foundation). Deities, tritons, horses, - the whole theatrical representation moreover on the place old Roman Maiden`s aqueduct . What did it symbolize earlier? Too something grandiose and grandiose. And now - a symbol of the city and not growing first tourist track. It is interesting how Friendship of the people it will be perceived through several hundreds of years? If remains, of course. And it would be desirable that remained though is at the problem fountain.

Also it would be desirable that the All-Russia Exhibition Centre stood as a monument to the era, stood as long as possible. There was a difficult period when everything that it was possible to find in the " pavilions; Animal husbandry or Rabbit breeding - these are trays with the Turkish consumer goods. To someone and these consumer goods helped to put on in heavy time.

And let there are pavilions according to names of the former republics. And again not for nothing stand. In the " pavilion; Karelia - on 1 floor the Belgian gobelin. But on the 2nd floor - please, already the Karelian birch furniture. In the " pavilion; Armenia - tasting of the Armenian cognac and sale of darling by many of jam from green walnuts.

There are also other exhibitions: live tropical butterflies flit, stand frighteningly - live waxworks from the St. Petersburg museum, all not to reach the Museum of corporal punishments in any way and not to look at live sharks (though my eyes would not see them).

And infinite fans of bicycle figured jumps - somersaults, and the magnificent skill shown on rollers by representatives of different age groups. The All-Russia Exhibition Centre (ENEA) remains the favourite vacation spot. Also ordinary people have a rest, walking themselves across the huge territory (and taking into account the Botanical garden - walk can drag on very strongly). The most ordinary people, but not those who have the main problem now that there is not enough summer car. It turns out what was made by all - for people?

Yes, there lives the exhibition. And " fountain; Friendship of the people we love the people. Perhaps and the friendship of the people did not get to anywhere? At least indirectly At least as a legend. Or as the protocol on intentions declared once.