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Acquaintance to the man. How to learn it?

Remember simple councils which will help to dispose to you the man:

Happy eyes attract as a magnet. The benevolent, penetrating look always disposes to communication.

the Sincere smile - something intimate that attracts and attracts. You smiled to the man - he will smile to you in reply.

Compliments, interest will dispose the man to your acquaintance quicker, than flows of eloquent words.

Each man would like that he had a woman, attractive, ready for rapprochement with it, but at the same time remote for many.

Also leaves that if to the woman not to show an initiative, then it is possible to sit up in maids! It is checked by life: the more actively the girl behaves, the it is more at her than chances to receive the man of the dream. The initiative of the girl consists in ability to show that she wishes to get acquainted. But you remember sense of proportion and give the chance to the hunter - to hunt . Activity means social adaptedness, sociability, hobbies - all this expands a circle of acquaintances.

It is difficult to become an attractive and active game after failure. You feel awkward when the man starts talking to you and that most to approach the interesting gentleman, and the speech cannot be: holds down legs, intercepts breath.

You have to understand that new acquaintance - it is process, and failures - a component of this process. Do not wait for fast results, the new beginning demands courage, courage and patience:

1. Shake off past dust your neurotic attachment to the past psychologically slows down your undertakings. In the past everything is clear!

2. you took a new way, and it is the whole creative process which will lead you to the purpose. The road can be mastered only step by step.

3. Beginning, it is necessary to understand that nobody is insured from mistakes, you go to uncertainty. And that is good - you already have an experience, and own intuition will prompt a lot of things.

4. In the past needs to leave not only own mistakes but also old approaches, and views, all this led you up a blind alley.

5. the New way demands not only new thinking, but also new conditions of soul, and a new way of life.

6. Learn to win against the inertness and internal fatigue, wake in yourself youth of soul and emotional burning. Fall in love with yourself, and at you everything will turn out.

Now let`s be defined how practically to realize it what it is necessary to begin with? And it is necessary to begin with own inner world. He who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill therefore it is necessary to begin to work. And in it there is nothing terrible, open yourself to this world - the world of men. Let`s begin!

Life gives you possibilities of meetings, acquaintances, and these some option for certain will bring to to your half . It is impossible to choose from three casual men: gigolo, alcoholic and infantile boy. Think what forces you to build the relations with that man who needs to be changed? Yes just fear that another will not pay attention to you. It is impossible to re-educate the adult, to accustom him to responsibility, it is his problem, but not a problem of your appearance or length of legs. Also the impudent yokel to whom it is not important whether you want to meet him is not necessary. He most often chooses in the woman sexual object, here and climbs regardless of obstacles: I Want, give, get acquainted!

Agree, women like clever men, with it it is more reliable, but they, as a rule, reflexing, vulnerable, often doubting people. Possible refusal is taken by them especially painfully therefore they - that also need the first signal of the woman: You to me are nice, I am ready to start talking to you . He encouraged will meet halfway to you, will start talking, maybe, will even help council or business. If you have about it a positive opinion, then it is possible to stimulate acquaintance continuation. Here so you choose! There are various options of the first signal, but friendly look and an open smile, without obliging to anything, open you to this world.

As to find that strawberry glade where there is a choice of worthy men? Yes just you leave the house: exhibitions, theater, clubs, cafe, sporting events - real life where people communicate and get acquainted. Understand that men not mushrooms who hide, they also look for, are also busy with this problem.

There is also an Internet: dating sites, Schoolmates - it is indisputable, there is a lot of communication. In an evening it is possible to communicate with kind one hundred friends, and it is good and it is useful. Too options, options of new opportunities, but all this will not replace real meetings and will not help to recognize the person more deeply: to exchange emotion, to feel its nonverbal language. On the Internet a channel of communication small traffic only through semantics of words, it is a minimum of information on the person and moreover, an opportunity to deceive the interlocutor. More precisely, you are deceived and attribute nonexistent lines to your vis-a-vis.

Real meetings will help to distinguish true feelings from false not to pass by love and not to confuse it with love, to accumulate experience which is useful in life. So the Internet is a way to find the worthy candidate for real meetings and a channel of communication with friends.

And if you force yourselves to leave the house, coming off virtual communication, then you will have a wide choice of the partner. It is not necessary to last there where one women, but also stands of football matches - too not the place for acquaintance gather. Active approach to process of setting of acquaintances is useful as it changes tenor of life and outlook of the woman. She begins to watch more the appearance, the despondency, a depression vanishes, she begins to think of the future positively.

Interesting business or hobby will strengthen your independence, will lead to personal growth. Men reach for successful, attractive women with whom it is pleasant to communicate, fascinatingly to have a rest. The man has to see that you are not ready to endow the interests, the circle of contacts for the sake of its whims or whims.

But also army of admirers, series of lovers too often speaks about inability to choose men. Wonder, to you quality or quantity is important? If quantity, then it is possible to try not especially as the ordinary man agrees to live practically with any woman.

But any of this army does not give you desirable satisfaction with family life - neither in sex, nor in education of children, nor in ability to love. Of course, it is possible to decide that the present elect wrong, here will meet another... How many sincere and physical forces take away these searches true love . Perhaps, to reconsider approach to searches? As psychologists speak: If your actions do not lead to desirable result, do something another!

And women put on themselves a label Celibacy Wreath . Also they run for help to sorcerers and grandmas, for confidence, for hope. Only the confidence comes when something begins to turn out therefore, maybe, we will begin to act? And not as earlier?