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Why the woman chooses loneliness?

Life as a pendulum - the below you plunge into grief,

the higher then you raise in pleasure .

Isadora Dupkan.

It seemed, such question is unnatural to the female nature, but, nevertheless, it is the fact that the woman can choose loneliness. Sometimes the destiny gives surprises, and here the woman will of a case remained one, and it does not have enough forces to continue search. And where its good to find?

As if did not seem to you cruelly, but the loneliness has also pluses, they will allow the woman, is moral grow. It has a lot of free time which needs to be used rationally. The statistics claims that lonely women are more formed, have own good material prosperity, hold more prestigious posts. The medicine claims that women in not happy marriage are subject to bigger risk of psychosomatic diseases, than women of the single.

C something needs to be begun? Yes, for this purpose it is necessary to fill the life with sense.

First that needs to be made. To spend not less than 2 - 3 months for that will calm down, you spent more time, clinging to the unpromising relations. During this time it is necessary to understand last mistakes, to remember where you built castles in the air, without noticing anything around. Also it is not necessary to be distressed, discuss long bitter life with the similar thrown singles, thereby you will only strengthen a negative you surrounding.

is better to be engaged in own image which should be changed let and not cardinally, but is considerable. Fitness, Latin dances, new clothes style - all this not only will distract from sad thoughts, but also will allow you to be got to fall in love. Also to give to

not less than half a year on self-development of the inner world: theater, tourism, exhibitions, reading books. Surely during this time something needs to learn: to drive the car, to language, to draw and the imagination has no limit.

to you now needs very to find at the beginning self-confidence, you learned to blame of yourself others mistakes and prejudices. The truth you to it were taught long and gradually, but now you should be retrained consciously and purposefully.

A for this purpose needs to take concrete steps, to make certain actions. Do not afford retreat, do not think out weighty excuses to delay the first steps.

we Will close the last page, we will begin new pure, the page of the happy Destiny! Change your prospects, change a point of view. you can ask

and what to change?

It is necessary to learn to live in harmony with himself and to understand that besides fussy searches of the man, there are also other purposes in life: career, travel, cares of relatives and any social projects, eventually.

to Live here and now - means actively to prove in today, without clinging to the past and without hoping for tomorrow. The future comes today.

to Live here and now - means every second to be engaged in realization of the abilities, optimum using a situation and with the smallest losses to escape from the networks thrown over you by vital circumstances.

to Live here and now - means to see, hear and feel it is especially aggravated, without missing from a circle of the attention a uniform particle from what is available to a look, distinctly to hearing and it is conformable to heart, soul.

I here you begin to enjoy life, to derive pleasure from work, from entertainments, from social activity. In a word it is necessary to fill life with emotions, pleasure of life, and it will transform you and will open to receiving bright impressions, fresh feelings.

I already losses in your stormy, unpredictable life do not seem such irreplaceable. Then you will leave the unhooked " car; to which by power of circumstances you got.

And for this purpose it is not necessary to apply over efforts, to be a genius or the hero. You just will begin to learn to live!