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You are lonely... Whether for a long time?

All this

exert noticeable impact on behavior of the woman, she becomes irritable, disappointed, it is angrier and more suspicious, than earlier, from here and rash acts, wrong decisions. She is depressed, loses confidence, feels helpless, covered with wounds. Already all life loses meaning.

Worst of all it is necessary those women who were left without couple, the husband or darling threw them. These women go into two extremes.

One group of women begins to idealize the former partner, now it seems to it that it is better than him and there is no man - that. She plunges into the past, lives on reminiscence, and the present loses for her any meaning. Too it is attached to what you will not return, and begins to try to revive become obsolete artificially.

It is necessary to be able to lose. Thanks to losses, you learn to appreciate all that new and original that comes then. Often it is necessary to start everything anew on ruins last happiness . Here, it seems, and experience came, but freight of last mistakes pulls you back. To be able to start anew is a great and difficult art.

Which time we assure ourselves: Everything, since Monday - I will begin! But we forget that every day - some kind of beginning, wise spoke: Each new beginning is a new birth!

Women, and you unless forgot that vital bog which was left: a set of the unresolved problems which stiffened and oppressing you the relations, that routine that suppressed rushes of your soul. Remember time of cancelled relationship of people living nearby absolutely foreign each other which lasted for years. And you rolled in them more and more deeply, accumulating chagrin and disappointments, you were surrounded by quarrels and simple misunderstanding. The abyss between you became deeper and deeper, and not only you suffered from it together, but also children.

When covers other women panic of a hopelessness they consider that the only exit - it is urgent to find the partner. Here are also wound, the poor, on night clubs, stays in the Internet for days, visits all cultural actions, meets, again is mistaken and disappointed. And this way - a way to the deadlock.

Why beautiful, strong and successful women often give in to an excessive task to find family happiness?

Usually to such woman for thirty, she promoted. It has everything: apartment, car, sharp mind, will and business grasp. Seldom at what of these women is not present behind shoulders of failed affairs or the destroyed family relations.

The real man in destiny of such woman did not happen, they pass a train, without having sustained trial period .

To reproach them for what they is strong overestimate a level or moves them only egoism, is not necessary. They look for the love and are ready to present a lot of things to the man: to show care, participation, tenderness.

Here also the woman of the relations with the man looks for, but worthy does not find, and she should reflect what she wants from a family and from the man.

On my eyes history of one my client developed, we will call it Tatyana.

Tatyana is 37 years old. Has the good apartment, hands over the second, expensive foreign car, a good position, behind shoulders the husband - the loser and the beautiful daughter. She has success among men and could choose among them the worthy partner, but she loved.

In the beginning Nikita, 37, of the director of small firm, it is successful, free. The relations proceeded more than three years, but develop into family could not. Nikita went to other city, there and married.

Another, Sergey, 35, not such successful, beautiful, ambitious, but fell in love with Tatyana quite strongly: flowers, gifts, attention signs. She answered with sincere reciprocity, the torrid love affair began. He moved to it, lived less than a year, and everything broke up again.

Different women have all very individually, but with Tatyana a certain effect was observed everywhere: I so love you that I will strangle in the embraces . She just pursued each man and did not listen to my councils. Did not trust partners, strongly was jealous, often interfered with their career, well what man will suffer it? Here also they left to other women who understood men more and were able with them to address and for it she remained the only adequate partner.

But the person cannot fully live and develop without partner of an opposite sex. At the same time the woman has stronger aspiration to family life, than the man. But researches of psychologists and inspection of doctors showed that the marriage union is necessary to men more, than to women.

Beloved wife stimulates development of the man, not without reason married men are much more successful in life and longer live, than bachelors.

In a happy family the woman reveals as the woman, as mother, as the person more stoutly, getting support and care from the beloved husband. The man`s brain works more actively in extreme situations when the woman is lost. The man skillfully structures family life, correctly chooses the purposes, the family cannot exist without the purposes. But the woman studies objective details more carefully, it is more attentive to trifles and is careful in decision-making. As evolution perfectly fulfilled these parts of the whole organism of a family! Then that the man supplements the woman and vice versa.

And this union of the man and woman will be happy and successful if the woman chooses a way of improvement of and the partner, having allowed the man to direct her on this way.