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Production and sale of low-frame semi-trailers.

our company from the moment of the formation managed to take very good positions on production in the market. The firm dynamically develops and famous for the perspective and quickly developing company on production of high-quality hook-on equipment. Production of the &ndash company; these are low-frame semi-trailers - heavy trucks. Considerable experience in this sphere and accurately adjusted marketing policy of the company allow to react to all changes in needs of the sphere of cargo special equipment instantly. The company regularly traces and adopts experience of foreign colleagues. Thanks to constantly growing qualification, the company has an opportunity to offer the customers the most modern developments in production of special equipment. It is necessary to allocate that the special equipment always was it is demanded in the most different branches of activity of the person. But most of all of course, the special equipment is necessary in such spheres as construction of houses and roads, mining and so forth. Many construction objects need work of heavy special equipment. And how to bring her to object? Here that is also required a heavy truck. But not any company is able to afford a separate heavy truck as an independent piece of equipment. And the need for such piece of equipment, very regularly happens not constant. In this case only the heavy trailer is available to your attention. And you can select the tractor which will drag it. The semi-trailers made by the company conform to all qualitative requirements. As the semi-trailer is an important element in transportation of heavy machinery, the special attention is paid to production of semi-trailers. All works on production of semi-trailers are performed at the most strict respect for all properties and modern manufacturing techniques. Our company carries out development and carries out production of special equipment and by individual orders. All works are performed in the shortest possible time. High quality of works is guaranteed to you. On all products which are turned out by us the guarantee is given. But even after a warranty period the firm carries out technical support.