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Follow an example of page. . And whether you need it?

we Will put a hand on heart and we will ask ourselves: Whether Often you were held up to someone as an example, my soul? . Also we will answer ourselves honestly - prechestno: No, not too . The one who will answer: Often takes from the shelf yesterday`s jam pie, even two - for personal correctness, and, alas, leaves game.

There was the return much more often - to us constantly held up someone as an example. Also there was it everywhere, and from this phrase was not to disappear anywhere: Here what Sveta the obedient and executive girl, follow an example of her... This phrase could be quickly enough neutralized by the answer: And here Svetina the grandmother is a professor, and sews as moreover what bakes buns - cheese cakes. Why and to you not to follow an example of it?

After couple of similar extremely polite and quiet answers appeals and examples for some time it was finished (if the terrible counterargument ", of course, did not move forward; Egg of hens is not learned ) .

But in the nursery, and then and in adult, memories the resistant feeling of own imperfection was postponed. In comparison with others, certainly. And not because this imperfection was up to the end realized and experienced but because the person on duty " constantly sounded; pioneer the phrase - Follow an example of page.

And further - more abruptly: To Do life from whom? Yes it is clear, from the companion Dzerzhinsky from whom else... To live, study and fight as bequeathed..., as learns...., always to carry out....

Here also we follow an example of Sveta, and we do life from the companion Dzerzhinsky and other odious companions, we fight as bequeathed..., also we carry out as learns..., and then strongly we are surprised - from where there is so much grief in a look?

And at some moment it very strongly strains us and gets... Because where in all this everyday algorithm set from the outside ourselves, personally we? Where got to, hey? Where what distinguishes us radically from Sveta and from the companion Dzerzhinsky?

Well, we won against our disorganization, having before eyes Svetina sense of duty and punctuality, we became toothier, before our look Vasina an everyday grasp loomed, we became basic and intolerant - thanks to you, iron Felix. Well, and so on... And whether became indeed happier from it? And whether it is possible to become happier, changing in a directive way?

Here I will tell the blasphemous phrase, it is already possible to shower with tomatoes, the benefit, a season, tomatoes juicy and ripe... Never and of anybody do not follow an example if you for it are called.

Following an example of someone, diligently copying it, let qualities, positive and absolutely necessary for life, we, strangely enough, almost always lose ourselves. Because we break ourselves through a knee because own, let small, but true, we do not see advantages in a pursuit of desire urgently any more to find Sveta and Felix Edmundycha`s desired advantages.

We forget that each person - is single, difficult, complete and deeply individual. And of what we follow an example - too. He is, say, a joyful and active sanguine person, and we are slightly braked phlegmatic person or, it is more difficult than that, the beholding melancholiac, such News agency - News agency. We honestly get in sanguine skin we follow such from all directions positive example as we are called - and we get a deep depression as ours I resists it from all foolish urine.

And it is quite possible that the dignity of the one who to us is held up as an example whom to us it is simple - tynut in a nose, are counterbalanced with its big shortcomings or, it is terrible to tell, defects. Let`s leave to an emuvsa of its quality, whether good, bad... And, than to follow an example of it, following appeals from the outside, we will better admire his talents and a vital grasp. Let`s pay it tribute - and we will remain ourselves.

Also we will patiently open in ourselves talents, the advantages, we will accept imperfections and if we decide something to change in ourselves, then we will do it loving and gradually, but not roughly rooting out everything, not being guided by someone`s appeals to follow an example of page. . Let`s do life, following commands of the souls, sensitively listening to it, without breaking itself at all and without bending anybody to please. Realizing own, unique, undoubted value.

And if it wants to change to us, then and we will come to this decision, but not under someone`s pressure. And most often - not hurriedly, and in the course of reflections and actions, gradually growing wiser, but not being guided by the phrase Take in an example . Also we will change and as... But - without becoming Sveta... But - always remaining only itself .

And Sveta - God grant a kind zdorovyichk. Good girl, approximate, probably. And always in kind mood - if to it, poor, us in a nose d not tynut and do not hold up us as an example.