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How to drink tequila?

Are possible, someone believes that tequila is a cactaceous vodka, and drink it with salt which is poured on edge of a glass? At all not, any it is not vodka and do tequila of an agave, but not of a cactus. And in general, one may say, that tequila is done of big pineapple as the agave quite so looks. Aztecs drank to a pool - the rewandering agave juice; the Spanish conquistadors overtook to a pool and received strong drink which was called mescal, that is a boiled agave. Speak, drank mescal to satisfy thirst after a sunstroke to kill pain and even for healing of wounds. At the very end of 18 - go centuries a certain Don Jose, the land owner from remote Mexican Tequila, got from the Spanish king permission to production mezcal vino de Tequila from a blue agave. And affairs at Don of Jose went well

From all ways of absorption of tequila the most effective is the Step by step option. Men for such drink should use some obedient and patient girlfriend. Naked, after a bathtub, take it on hands and stack on a sofa the daddy down. Then from a breast and from a fleecy triangle in the bottom of a stomach fill two paths of salt towards a navel; having departed from a sofa on couple of steps and having fully estimated deeds, start divine procedure of a nalivaniye of tequila in a navel. Here, as well as in any work of art, the main thing not to lose sense of proportion. Well, it is still important to pour precisely tequila into each path of salt, to observe temporary proportions and it is correct to estimate extent of obedience of the little girl.

Having much enjoyed the created landscape, having deeply exhaled, begin few - Pomala to pinch salt and to absorb the exciting drink. According to experts - so there is nothing better, than this fantastic occupation during a cold winter time.

* * *

Happens that after such drink fans of tequila forget about the girlfriend as there is a wish to reflect. About and about time, and even about Time phenomenon. Interesting everything - who is a primogenitor of time?

They say that in the Universe there has to be an active beginning which gives energy to our world. Perhaps this active beginning is also time? And it would be still very tempting to learn that LAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE already exist; also there is only a consciousness beam which highlights pieces in this static world...