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Why The Third does not get a light! ? One more occasion to leave off smoking

it is Quite often possible to hear the offended roar of the person with the burning flame of a lighter or a match in a hand who hides fire uvula from the third smoker that lasts to light after the second. Two already smoke, and the third climbs here. Let`s light supposedly. Many tobacconists refuse to the third a spark unconsciously. They follow a certain internal voice which prevents what to allow to light to the third - business nasty, dangerous, mystical. For such oversight wait for troubles.

Usually smokers, as well as the other people united by a certain passion get off in groups. In a certain place, in certain time. Let`s take, for example, such pass - reservations for smoking at the airports where a large number of the people smoking tobacco jams into the tiny room covered with stubs.

In trains a reservation for smokers - the platform in the rear of the car. In the theater building smokers are pressed in a toilet or in the room for smoking in an interval. And everywhere same situation: lit one, allowed to light to another, and with the tsigarka the third here climbs. The Third does not get a light! - we speak, we switch off a flame of a lighter and we hand over its to that to the third. Get a light, the friend!

We sometimes express more roughly the unwillingness to have something the general with this the third as though from it certain fluids of danger proceed. As though this the third - superfluous (what does not happen when drinking a bottle of vodka). As though it is a dangerous carrier of a disease. As though it - leprous. That the most interesting, in these fears is rational grain.

To understand why it is considered a bad sign to get a light the third most or to allow to light to the third, it is necessary to vzrezat near layer of history and to look narrowly at events English - Boer war, by times of use of nipple guns at defense of Sevastopol. Most of all from non-compliance with the rule the third does not get a light officers of army of England in war with drills suffered.

Who such these drills? These are immigrants from the Netherlands (generally) who began to master South Africa in the 17th century. Here banished also any criminals. So, Dutches not for long thought what to do to them, looking at black natives of South Africa. There is a wish to eat and live everywhere, and South Africa not an exception. Good lands are? Is. Workers are? Is. Well and that that black. But - hard workers. And the sun shines all the year round. Besides, ocean nearby. And here Dutches submit local natives, do of them slaves, and become farmers. That is drills, speaking to the modern language, it is simple - naprosto oburel also captured everyone and everything in South Africa.

There lived to themselves drills on the farms, bred, there arrived all new settlers. And once England needed an outpost in South Africa for control over way of commodity turnover with India. And the sea way from the Old World to India went through the South of Africa in those days. That is why England Boer territories also attracted.

British began to restrict drills, to introduce the power, forced to learn English as the main, sent everything new settlers - British, and then at all cancelled slavery of the black. There was nobody to work at farms of drills, and compensations for loss of slaves were ridiculous. The discontent of drills slowly, but began to boil. All this led to revolt of drills and English - Boer war of 1899 - 1902

Drills though were farmers, but shot greatly. Tea, not in the resort lived, and among crocodiles, tigers, lions, panthers, the Zulu soldiers and other African predators. Each farmer had the gun because life accustomed him to shoot quickly, neatly, in darkness, up, down, to the left, to the right, sitting, standing, lying. Wild customs were - did not manage to shoot, and you are already dead, and the Zulu soldier or an animal towers, full of pleasure of pleasure from a victory, over the stood gaping farmer. In war drills used special tactics. If soldiers - British went on the enemy dense ranks, then attacked cunning drills in all directions, and this strategy was effective. Many British fell in those battles. But England - the power. The power is the power, and Boer troops nevertheless were broken.

Then drills organized guerrilla war, and British for the first time applied against drills tactics scorched earth . Drills - guerrillas became the forerunner of emergence of sniper business. The drill - the shooter noticed that when the English officer gets a light, the drill sees and fixes its position. That is the demaskirovka occurred.

If then getting a light gives a spark to the companion, then the drill already throws up the gun, aims on a spark. The match still burns, and here the first getting a light allows to light to the third Englishman. That reaches for the fading match, in teeth a cigarette, and the drill shoots at this moment. As a result the third, maybe, also manages to begin to light up a tabachok, but to enjoy a smoke and properly does not manage to drag on as already has in a skull a hole from a bullet from the Boer gun.

Other situation: you are an Englishman, lit a match to allow to light. In teeth at you a cigarette, but you allow to light at first to the companion (and the drill already saw your position), then gentlemanlike allow to light to the second companion (and the drill already aims), and only after two already puff, you get a light, lighting the face. And the drill presses on a cock. And all. You forever left off smoking from this point. However, as well as to breathe. So, third getting a light anyway on nuts got most.

On the party of drills Canadians, Germans, French, Russians, that is many who were dissatisfied with policy of England were at war. Russia fully supported drills. And just besides the Russian sailors to English - Boer war suffered from a sign the third does not get a light . When British and allies besieged Sevastopol in the Crimean war, they already armed nipple guns (the first analogs of the cut weapon). Our sailor will light up a tubule, and the villain - the Englishman with the nipple gun noticed a spark.

Matrosik to other matrosik allows to light, the Englishman already on an izgotovka. Well, and the third sailor without miss gets a bullet from the nipple enemy gun. Since then even the belief among our sailors went: if the third you light, then you will catch a shameful illness or a piece of deadly lead in the head. Therefore, if you caught some venereal disease, then remember, first of all, not the love affairs and when and where you made a blunder also lit the third.

You see, than smoking, besides " is still dangerous; The Ministry of Health warns! . And the bullet can be obtained, and the bad luck pursues if the third lit, and diseases overtake the nastiest property. It is therefore better to leave off smoking absolutely including to avoid probability to light the third.