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The disks Blu - Ray. Than the new format is good?

For all history of mankind already many times changed carriers of data: at first it were walls in caves, then wooden dosochka, then the papyrus and paper, then people began to record music on phonograph records, bobinny tapes, with cartridges.

Several decades ago with arrival of a computer era digital data carriers appeared: diskettes, videotapes and disks: CD, and then and DVD. DVD are at peak of the popularity now, and shortly they will be replaced by the new Blu technology - Ray which already won professional cinema and gradually, but surely becomes usual for ordinary people.

We will start anew. In 2006 at the international exhibition of electronics the disk of a new sample with the name Blu - Ray was for the first time presented . This name came from two English words and is literally translated as blue beam because Xing - the violet laser is used for reading and record of these disks. At the beginning the strong contender of Blu - Ray was the HD DVD format, but at the beginning of 2008 it was laid off from - for noncompetitiveness since many large film studios refused it. At the moment practically all film companies use the disks Blu - Ray for storage of records.

Probably, interests you how many information in them is located and what they in general are? Happen one - and two-layer, the volume of disks fluctuates from 23 to 66 GB. But developments new four-layer on 100 GB and eight-layer on 200 GB are already conducted. Also disks of a small format (80 mm) for digital video cameras are issued.

In what, except volume, they differ from usual DVD? Difference consists in lasers which are applied to reading - record of disks. For DVD and CD red lasers with the wavelength of 650 or 780 nanometers, and for Blu - Ray of disks - the blue laser (405 nanometers) are used at the expense of what in a new format width of a path decreased twice and record density increased several times.

Also also the speed of reading a disk - increased to 432 Mbit/sec. (or 54 MB/sec.). At such speed our usual DVD would be copied on the computer in only one and a half minutes). One more advantage of Blu - Ray over DVD is a new covering Durabis developed by the TDK company. This covering is much stronger, than at DVD, and allows to clear a disk by means of tissues, and also resists to scratches much better.

Yes, new disks have enough advantages, and here shortcomings are meanwhile not revealed (well if, of course, not to consider high cost of disks and players for their reproduction, but I think, over time disks will be as available, as DVD now). Still it is necessary to mention new schemes of enciphering granted and protection of copyright which, according to developers, does not give in to breaking and therefore, probably, so simply it will not turn out to copy movies from neighbors as we do it on DVD now.

I believe that this fact will become a serious obstacle on the way of occurrence of this format to life of rather poor people which use cheap pigs for creation of a house videoshop now. But it, of course, a personal record of each of us on what carriers to store information. Choose until scientifically - technical progress forces to move further.