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The wood furnace in a country house. Whether there is a sense?

First of all. If you the summer resident who is visiting the housing by fits and not having the watchman or servants, then sense are not present any. By then, as the house will well be heated by the wood furnace, it will be time for you to leave. Put a fireplace for a cosiness and enjoy a type of fire.

If someone constantly lives in the house, then the question strongly depends on the sizes and planning of the house, and also on existence of available firewood.

At once I will make a reservation that under a country house I mean not only a mansion to three floors, but also a wheelbarrow on 6 hundred parts.

If you have a brick mansion, then you should build several wood furnaces and to burn prior to one hundred cubic meters of firewood one winter.

And here if you have a small lodge or giving (one floor with a penthouse), and the dense forest, that is a literal sense grows around to think of oven heating.

Especially it is necessary to consider house material. Brick, concrete, gipsolitovy, shlakoblochny and other houses not to warm up any wood furnace. If not to heat it several times in day. Only the wooden house can be heated with success the wood furnace.

What advantages wood furnace?

1. Naked flame demands an air flow for burning. Therefore, in the furnace there is a draft. This draft throws out in a pipe together with a smoke all dead, stale air from your dwelling. In exchange from the street (through windows and cracks) the fresh air rich with oxygen and water vapor arrives that creates unusually comfortable atmosphere in the house. Such dryness of air, as at batteries, an oven never will not allow .

Low cost of fuel. Still firewood in Russia costs cheaper, than gas, coal, fuel oil, electricity and other energy carriers. Of course, if you live in two hundred kilometers from the next wood, then the cost of firewood with delivery will turn out gold; in this case you can dream of oven heating only.

And if you live near the wood, without effort you will be able to prepare to yourself firewood for the winter practically for pennies. It is possible to agree with the forester, and he will deliver already sawed firewood directly to your house.

It is possible to go for physical exercise every day to the wood and to bring a bundle - another of dry trees. The forester for it will only tell thanks to you - you do its work. However, and in this case the preliminary arrangement has to be obligatory.

At last, you can buy the felling ticket in a forest area or sign the contract for collecting dead wood, buy the chiansaw and the trailer to your car, then the cost of firewood will be equal to expenses on fuel plus depreciation of a saw and the trailer. This option is more preferable to not old men as gives unforgettable emotions and a charge of health. On my taste, there is nothing more pleasantly than preparation of firewood for the winter for the family.

3. the Furnace warms up air therefore there is no need to perforate walls and to decorate their pipes, batteries and other accessories of the city dwelling.

4. the Furnace after a pro-fire chamber warms up the house quite strongly, in the house hot. In a night warmly gradually leaves, and by the morning temperature considerably falls. Morning meets Us by a cool... This state of affairs imitates daily fluctuations of temperature in the nature which are most natural to the person.

5. the Furnace demands constant care, pleasant efforts: the splitting of firewood, storage of birch bark and spill on a kindling, ashes cleaning, annual summer cleaning of flues - the word, does not allow to sour idle at the TV.

That in the morning to flood the furnace, it is necessary to do the whole ritual: to bring from a woodpile of firewood (at the same time, perhaps, it is necessary to clear away a porch and a path from snow), to nashchepat a kindling, to put all this accurately in the furnace, to open gates, to set fire and observe how the flame shy first inflames, promising you heat and a cosiness.

And when inflames - to come to the yard and to admire the smoke going from a pipe, having defined in passing the direction of wind. It is important - to know the direction of wind, weather depends on it soon.

But we will return on the earth. If you decided to live with oven heating, then it is the best of all to plan future house around the furnace. So to speak, to begin again from the beginning .

The furnace has to settle down in the middle of the house and be present some side at all rooms demanding the warm atmosphere. Other rooms where temperature lower is admissible (a bathroom, a study, a penthouse) will be warmed with circulation of warm air from the rooms surrounding the furnace. The furnace capable at one fire chamber in day to maintain comfortable temperature within a day is a solid construction. Its weight has to be not less than 8 tons (2 thousand bricks). It requires the certain base.

It not that worthless construction with a plate for cooking of food, a thin heating guard and an asbotsementny pipe which burns poleshka 25 centimeters long. Such freaks are popular still, but it is possible to winter with such small stove unless in a house of the size of a bath. On a wood plate nobody prepares presently, and it here smokes yes heats kitchen - about - go - go, leaving other rooms hardly lukewarm.

No, you need the solid furnace - the Dutchwoman adjusted for the Russian frost and the Russian size. Other excellent option - the Russian furnace with a stove bench, but she will occupy all first floor of your house and will disappoint with one essential shortcoming - will warm up air only higher than the level of sweat. Under the Russian of the furnace it is usually located at the level of window sills, therefore, everything that is below, including floors, will remain cold. Therefore it would be necessary to invent a certain hybrid of the Dutchwoman with the Russian furnace; the furnace which is capable to warm up air as it is possible closer to a floor.

I built such furnace in the house. From the Dutchwoman it took a furnace door (the truth, the Russian size) and the rectangular section of the basis of 12090 cm. From the Russian oven the voluminous vaulted combustion chamber where firewood 60 cm long

of One full bookmark is put got is enough for a furnace pro-fire chamber at a temperature of air up to 10 degrees of a frost. At lower temperatures (or strong wind which studit the house worse than a frost) after a burn-out of the main bookmark I burn still poleshka 8. I heat generally the birch which is dried up within a year. During the winter (from September to April) I burn about 20 cubic meters of firewood.

On the first floor after a pro-fire chamber hot - to 27 degrees, and by the morning temperature only in the frosts happens lower than 20. The second floor is heated through a ladder aperture, fluctuations of temperatures from 23 to 17 degrees there.

On the second floor there was a place to a small fireplace (as a part of the same furnace) we, however, use it seldom - overindulgence and only, unless to fry a shish kebab in the winter.

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