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Pictures oil: how it becomes? The technology of painting

In painting color is always in harmony with a form, enriches it. Therefore, it is important to be able not paint in oils, but also to do the preliminary sketches on a canvas preceding work in color. Drawing has to help the artist with work with paints.

It is necessary to plan previously precisely the place of each form, to transfer it proportions and character. It is better to execute drawing such materials which will not mix up further with paints, will not pollute colors and shades.

As a rule, preliminary drawing is done by coal: precisely and strictly draw the main contours of objects, but in the course of the letter completely do not rely on them. Specification of forms happens directly when putting paints. Some artists write with paints on a canvas, without preliminary drawing drawing at once. But the wide experience in drawing and painting is for this purpose necessary.

As paints are by nature various, and shades are changeable, in advance it is impossible to establish any proportions for mixture of paints on a palette. Both the artist every time finds mixes, and methods of imposing of dabs anew. In it difficulty and fascination of creativity.

Write with oil paints generally in two ways: with an underpainting and without it . The first way demands repeated return to nature and difficult preparation of the underpainting, is applied generally to work in a workshop. By means of the second way it is possible to carry out both multisession etudes, and short-term works.

Exists several receptions of the letter oil

of the Technician and - la the prima - on crude without underpainting - at which even after the first session the artist writes on not dried layer or definitely refreshes the drying-up film which appeared on it. It is the first and most widespread way and - la the prima. Many masters seek to write etudes in this equipment at one time.

It is also possible to work on crude several sessions. That the paint coat dried more slowly, use slowly drying zinc whitewash, and the unfinished etude is stored in the cool, but not crude room. The appeared film on a paint layer is dissolved - before work the surface of paint is wiped with juice of onions or garlic or a special varnish for painting. It is necessary to care for that in the beginning work was not too thick paint coats, especially on the first session.

Quite often at first write dark places more warmly and is lighter, and lit - is more dark and colder, that is maintain the general scale of the etude, and then register the brightest color contrasts. The strongest color shades on light and in a shadow allocate at the last minute when work comes to an end.

The technology of multilayered painting is based on stratification of several paint layers. It differs from the letter on crude the fact that each paint coat is thoroughly dried before drawing the subsequent. Process of work consists of the following stages: underpaintings, pastose registration and glaze.

In technology of multilayered painting the underpainting has a few other value, than the first thin layer registration in and - la the prima. Quite often it becomes grizaylyyu: whitewash and any dark paint are used. Sometimes such underpainting is done on tinted, for example, on gray soil. At the same time whitewash for modeling of the lit places puts with dense dabs, and dark paint a thin layer prescribes a shadow. Further painting is conducted by polupastozno , that is in half tones: dense dabs in light places and thin layers - in shadows.

The underpainting can also be made a water color or distemper. Write with these water paints only on emulsion soil. Such underpainting then demands a full covering oil paints as the received tone will differ from the subsequent dabs in oil.

The second registration begins only after drying of an underpainting. If it is executed grizaylyyu, then it is lessirovochno better to do the second registration.

Glazes are the thin, transparent layers of paints applied on others, which already thoroughly dried up. It is possible to Lessirovat all paints, except silnokroyushchy - cadmic, Neapolitan yellow, English red - and also bleached. It is also necessary to consider that one lessiruyushchy paints are transparent (for example, emerald green), others are translucent.

It should be noted that no strict recipes of imposing of dabs and paint layers exist. The invoice and character of dab should be looked for depending on features of the represented nature and the tendencies to this or that technology of execution of work. So, before rejecting this or that mix received on a palette try various options of imposing of dab. Sometimes the shade seeming unsuccessful well is entered in the etude if to put it, for example, horizontally, but not vertically.

As you can see, knowing some features of behavior of paints, to paint a picture oil maybe not the professional artist.