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How to establish interroom wooden doors?

Installation of doors the hands - process very heavy, demanding certain skills. So if you never held in hand of the hammer or a saw, then better do not even try. Any, even very detailed and illustrated instruction will not teach to saw off exactly, to correctly hammer a nail, to twirl the self-tapping screw or to put the lock at a door. For all others my story about how I tried to establish doors.

Attempt was successful, but nevertheless I consider that I could cope much more effectively with this task if I learned some subtleties connected by sequence of operations and secrets which make installation of doors much more easier than it in advance it turned out at me. Therefore - that I also decided to write about the experience - suddenly it will help somebody.

So if you decided to establish doors independently, then even prior to works take care of the tool and expendables which will be necessary for performance of this task. For successful performance of work it will be required to you: the measuring tool, a drill, a saw on a tree with small red-hot tooth, the hammer, the screw-driver, a pricker, a plumb or level, the tool for an angular prirezka 450 - 900, polyurethane foam, several whetstones and wedges for struts, silicone sealant, water.

Prepared? Now we start preparation of a doorway. Business all that doors let out the standard sizes now, and here doorways conform to the standard not always so for a start be convinced that the size of your doorway suits the door sizes. I was not lucky, the sizes of my doorway considerably differed from standard so it was necessary to adjust them by means of assembly whetstone (it is possible to use for this operation and a board from the massif, both a chipboard, and GVL).

Installation of dobor is possible only if it is necessary to increase no more than 40 mm from each party (otherwise the platband just will not block a joint between a wall and doors). Adjustment of an aperture is necessary as it provides a gap under foam before final finishing of walls. If it is necessary to increase more, than 40 mm from each party, then it is necessary to install the door block of bigger width.

The following operation which the technology for installation of interroom doors demands to execute, - assembly of a door box. We choose an equal site (personally I collected on two tables), we lay on it, for example, a cardboard and we start assembly.

We stack horizontal and vertical elements of a box and we pull together them with self-tapping screws, without allowing the shift of accessories. In case of need we establish a threshold. If you need to establish a cloth 700 or 600 mm wide, then it is necessary to reduce a horizontal of a standard box, respectively by 100 or 200 mm. Do not forget that the corner at the same time has to be 45 degrees. A gap between a floor and a cloth - about 8 - 10 mm if there is no threshold.

As a rule, the entrance door or a door, for example, in a toilet is established with a threshold. In this case we do the following: we insert a threshold into a box (the distance to a cloth of a door makes 3 - 3,5 mm); we drill openings of 2,5 mm; we pull out a threshold back and we ream openings in a box to 4,5 mm; we insert a threshold again and we pull together it with a box self-tapping screws; if it is necessary, then we cut off a saw excess part of vertical elements of a box.

Further installation of doors demands insert of loops. At the solution of this task you remember that the distance from edge of a loop to edge of a cloth has to make both from below, and from above 200 mm. We measure and begin selection under loops. As I have quite big skill of such works, I at the same time used a chisel. If you own it not really well, then use the electromilling tool.

It is carefully chosen 2,2 - 2,7 mm (the size depends on loop tag thickness) and we start the installation. For a start, having put loops to a cloth, we mark openings, using a sharp pricker. Then we drill openings under screws (the size of a drill has to be no more than 0,75 diameters of a screw). Then we roll screws (use screws with cutting to the head). We do the same also with a door box.

Now it is necessary to put the lock at a door. The same technology, as at insert of loops. We measure from a floor to the center of the handle about 1000 mm. Also we start selection under the lock. Installation of locks in a door demands especially careful approach as in a design of a box and a cloth composite materials are often used.

We pass to installation into a wall aperture of a door box. We fix a door box by means of self-tapping screws. For this purpose we drill openings in both vertical elements of a box in three places (distance from top and a bottom about 300 mm, the third opening in the middle). We chisel them under a self-tapping screw hat.

We plan and we drill openings under traffic jams in a doorway, we hammer traffic jams and we twist self-tapping screws, we wedge by means of wooden wedges, but not completely, leaving to a box some mobility. It is necessary most precisely to adjust a door box to the necessary size of a cloth. Were convinced that all precisely? Now start rigid fixing of a door box in a wall aperture.

Evenly we line wedges and we tighten self-tapping screws of the bearing box bar, verifying it on a plumb or level and not forgetting to watch that there were no curvatures of elements of a box. Then we hang a cloth and we begin to fix rigidly a bar on an antechurch, constantly controlling this process by a cloth.

Ideally at you the complete picture with an equal gap on all perimeter between a cloth and a box in 2 - 2,5 mm has to turn out. We remove a cloth and we establish in a strut aperture. In total their three (one below, and two in the middle between pairs of self-tapping screws). If the door has a threshold, then there are enough two struts. We protect front part of a box and we fill a gap between a wall and a box polyurethane foam.

After foam drying (it is specified on a barrel) the remains of foam are cut off, and installation of platbands begins. We put a platband to an installation site, we mark and we saw off by means of the tool for an angular prirezka 450 - 900 at an angle in 45 0 .

We do it so: at first there is the left platband, then - top and only then right. We fix a platband, we protect it, in common with all elements of a door box, from moisture with silicone sealant and all - installation of doors the hands is finished.

In conclusion it would be desirable to tell the following - can establish doors independently, in principle, everyone. And my recommendations do not apply for the ultimate truth at all, I would like to listen to all councils, opinions and remarks as it is necessary to establish a metal door soon. Therefore experience of installation of such door is very interesting. It would be desirable to exchange opinions and to learn secrets of technology of installation of entrance doors.