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How to make hair strong and silky? Grandmother`s recipes of

What beautiful woman does not dream about soft, silky, and, the main thing, strong hair which are easy for combing and which it is always pleasant to touch? All of us so sometimes want that we were stroked on the head...

Most of producers of modern shampoos and means for care of hair promise similar miracle effect for record-breaking short terms. However from time to time we are comprehended by bitter disappointment when having laid out for a jar unique hair balm the sum, worthy pairs of shoes from Louis Vuitton, we receive instead of the promised silky mane on envy to girlfriends the same bound together lumps of the dropped-out hair in plum of a bathtub.

So to do and how to turn any, even quite liquid or frayed by life and means for coloring head of hear in the beauty and pride, without spending at the same time the astronomical sums? Here you will be helped by recipes , davny - long ago invented by our grandmothers, many of which, as we know, had a braid to a belt in a fist thickness.

Recipe 1. The simplest

Is not present time, forces and desire to prepare difficult masks for hair or to be covered with onions juice? Without a moment`s hesitation come after work into shop and buy a small bottle of the real mineral water. According to the most patient, in two weeks of rinsing of a fresh-washed head of hear this product which does not have a smell and strongly expressed taste hair become stronger, gain healthy gloss and much easier keep within the most difficult hairdress.

Live water brings additional benefit to your hair in the summer. It is known that during a heat hair quickly dry up on the sun. It is possible to recover them, plentifully sprinkling every evening mineral water. For this purpose, by the way, also the spray will be suitable for watering of flowers - very convenient thing when it is necessary to humidify vegetation on own head.

Recipe 2. Tasty

your husband or the young man likes to stay evenings with beer at the TV? Came it is time to derive also to you from this product pleasure and advantage. Attentively look at a label of what he drinks. You will see the inscription beer live - you can consider that it was lucky doubly. Live beer contains the greatest number of the substances feeding both head skin, and roots of hair. Besides, after beer hair gain healthy gloss on all length.

To please itself with a head of hear as at cinema warm up beer to room temperature, and then carefully moisten with it hair. In 10 - 15 minutes it is already possible to wash away. Speak, there is no smell left. Strange, but every time after I leave after such mask a bathroom with fresh-washed hair, begins to nuzzle and ask all man`s population in the house, and than it is such tasty smells.

Recipe 3. Very useful

Ya still I remember those times when in shops after reorganization shampoo under the mysterious name " for the first time appeared; Kefiric . Kefir I in young years what to hide, loved. Therefore at once got to itself couple of small bottles. I was expected by disappointment - kefir in shampoo and did not smell. In the most literal sense of the word. The caustic perfumed fragrance spoiled all impression of a useful product.

However the mask from fresh kefir still often helps out me after coloring of hair when they become especially vulnerable and fragile. The secret is simple: you rub the warmed-up kefir in roots of hair, then you distribute on all length and minutes 15 you try not to move that kefir did not flow down to you for a collar. For the accuratest I can recommend to wrap up hair a film or a towel.

Effect of such mask, by the way, just stunning. You remember advertizing where the girl, wagging with a magnificent mane of a nutbrown hair, lays herself a way among crowd of men? There now, you can imagine safely today yourself the heroine of this commercial. Your hair after kefir will look just perfectly. Of course, if you carefully wash away it.

Recipe 4. I will not risk to try in any way

Already many times observed impact of salt on roots of hair, but still could not think up for itself though how many - nibud a logical explanation of this phenomenon. So, I give the recipe on your court.

You wash the head, you sort hair on locks and it is accurate, the gentle massing movements you begin to rub coarse table salt in head skin.

On my eyes through several such sessions hair on the top began to grow even at the growing bald man far for . Feelings during such massage as speak, pleasant, but I still will not risk to try. Yes, by the way, do not forget to wash up repeatedly after this procedure the head - the dried salt can be showered from you, pretending to be especially large dandruff.

Recipe 5. Actually grandmother`s

the Grandmother`s recipe in the most literal sense of the word: when I began teenage problems with fat content of head skin and an insufficient hair shine, use of this simple mask one - two times a month to me were advised by my grandmother.

You shake up 1 egg, you add a tablespoon of burdock oil (is on sale in any drugstore) and one more tablespoon of shampoo. You mix, pouring in a teaspoon of juice of a fresh lemon in the turned-out bumpiness. All this is applied on dry hair for a period of half an hour about forty minutes, and then carefully washed away.

After this mask the effect will be the most unexpected - at least all next day you will reach for the hair. It is simple to touch. After this mask hair become so soft and silky that it is a pleasure to touch them.

Finishing this short digression to the world known long ago, but from it I can wish not less useful recipes to you only one: be beautiful!