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Against whom Russians at Nepryadva`s river battled? Dmitry and Mamay 2010 we with the God`s help will note

B 660 - Saint Dimitrii Donskoy`s anniversary and 630 - the anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo.

I Will risk to lift very difficult historical subject - fight on Kulikovo field. Again in the territory of Russia interests of the East and West came to collision. Let`s address history and we will try to draw for ourselves conclusions.

Information to reflection

Wikipedia : The Battle of Kulikovo (Mamayevo, or the Don slaughter) - ordynets on September 8, 1380 (the 6888th year from creation of the world) on Kulikovo field between the rivers Don, Nepryadva and Beautiful Throwing battle between troops of the Russian principalities and in the territory now relating to Tula region on the area about 10 km 2 .

Big Soviet Encyclopedia . On Kulikovo field the strong blow to domination Golden Orda , the subsequent disintegration which accelerated her " was struck; (t. 13, page 587).

However in the same encyclopedia, in article devoted Golden to Orda we learn that after defeat of Mamaya in Ord for fifteen years distempers stopped, the central power " amplified; and falling Golden Orda happened actually already in the following, the 15th century.

It is interesting to notice that annalistic sources not once or twice the enemy of Russia, the Moscow Principality, are called not actually Golden to Ord and To Mamayev Ord and it as we will notice below, not one and too.

Fact of common knowledge: in 1237 hordes of Batyya intruded on the territory of Russia, sowing death and destruction. Golden Orda for rather short period of time managed to conquer huge territories.

However more than hundred years later Golden Orda appeared in the hardest crisis. Orda was shaken by a distemper and mutinies - zamyatnya . Approximately within twenty years on a throne of this once powerful state of each other replaced more than twenty khans.

Mamay - the person for the era, certainly, outstanding was one of these khans also. It is enough to tell that with it triumph took the capital of Orda five times. However, could not keep rather long time on a throne. It is probable because his old enemy - Tokhtamysh - was true Chingizid, therefore, the lawful khan, and he is not. The traditional rigid discipline of the Mongolian princes and fidelity Chingizidam did not allow Mamayu to keep on a throne, despite his numerous merits.

Having understood that in the capital of Orda to it not to keep, and it is possible, not to demolish also the heads it set to Moscow - a fatal flaw of many outstanding commanders.

Approximately till 1374 Mamay was adjusted nearly kindly to Moscow. It is known that it on own initiative sent to the prince Dmitry Ivanovich a label on great reigning though Orda`s laws provided extremely humiliating rule of the address for the Russian princes to the khan with a great request for such label. In 1371 the prince Dmitry Ivanovich visited Mamaya with gifts and a tax.

However in 1374 there was a fatal gap in the relations - rozmiry as led to a bloody secha on Kulikovo field. Mamay left Orda with her Chingizidami, having decided to be approved in the Moscow principality, having in passing crushed under itself surrounding territories. At the same time Mamay Chingizidov, preferring not to settle in the Moscow principality, and " broke customs and traditions; to milk its requisitions. Besides, put the main emphasis of Mamay not on the Mongolian military elite, undependable for it, and hired inoplemenny troops that for rules of military etiquette Golden Orda was just inconceivable.

But even for such odious leader as Mamay, for declaration of war the occasion was necessary. And such occasion quickly was - an unreasonable tribute. In the beginning the prince Dmitry Ivanovich did not want to pay it because he had to it legitimate right as Mamay was not Great Hang Zolota Ordy. However then, having consulted to the metropolitan, changed the decision.

We will be fair, it was, of course, very heavy, but wise decision of the statesman - Dmitry preferred to pay off with a filthy lucre, but not invaluable Christian blood. But appetite comes during a meal and, as it more than once happened in the history, Mamay began to demand more and more. The purpose of ambitious east governor became finally clear.

Be continued.