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Augustus: mournful month for the Russian literature of the 20th century?

stepped Summer for the middle and swept by the end - there came August. He received the name from a title of the Roman emperors was renamed into Octavian Augustus`s honor, more precisely, but it, however, does not belong to a subject of today`s story. Here it will be a question of how the subject of the leaving summer and farewell to it connected with the last summer month has inexplicably something in common with mournful plots in destinies of domestic poets and writers.

In August, 1921 Russia lost two at once: Alexander Blok and Nikolai Gumiljow. Blok strongly was ill since May and died on August 7. Zamyatin responded on his death: Blok died. Or more precisely - it is killed. It is killed with all our present cruel, cave life . After the funeral which took place on August 10 in day of honoring of an icon of the Smolensk Mother of God, on the Smolensk cemetery, Anna Akhmatova wrote:

We brought to the Smolensk Defender,

Brought to Blessed Virgin Mary

On hands in a coffin silver

our sun which tormently went out - Alexander`s

, a swan pure.

But also her husband, Nikolai Gumiljow was already arrested, and, having a presentiment of loss, to the official statement about execution of the poet published on September 1, 1921 it poured out the risen pain in lines:

Not to happen to you in live,

With snow not to rise.

Twenty eight bayonet,

Fire five.

Bitter obnovushka

to the Friend of a pricker I.

Loves, the Russian land loves a krovushka


Certainly, you should not take snow literally is a motive of an icy cold which the death from olden days contacted. One August later also the resolution of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of the Central Committee " is necessary; About " magazines; Star and Leningrad (1946) as a result of which she was almost anathematized, and arrest of her husband N. N. Punin (1949). At last, in August, 1962 A. Akhmatova was nominated to the Nobel Prize which was not awarded About the adversities falling on this month, Akhmatova wrote the poem of the same name - Augustus :

It both just and crafty, it is more terrible than

I of all months:

In each Augustus, My God right,

is So much holidays and death.

Razreshenye of wine and unction

Saviour, Assumption Star arch!.

goes Down as that avenue,

Where the rest of a dawn reddens,

In boundless fog and

ice Up as a ladder, it conducts.

Pretended to be the wood magic,

But the it lost charms.

Was hopes drink curative

In silence of polar plank beds

A now! You, a new grief,

Smother my breast as the boa roars with

I the Black Sea, my Headboard having found for


In 1932, on August 5 the course of life of Sasha Cherny (in some sources date is mistakenly specified on July 5) tragically was interrupted. It happened in the French town the Lavender. He helped to extinguish the fire on the next farm, and having come back home, did not endure heart attack.

In several days, on August 11, in Koktebel died 55 - summer Maksimilian Voloshin. The old illness - asthma was a cause of death. But to this diagnosis costs which - what to add. This person after February revolution of 1917 lived almost constantly in the Crimea. Refused to emigrate, having told: When mother is sick, children remain with her was engaged in protection of art values.

After the organization of a free shelter for writers, artists and scientists underwent persecution from the authorities. In the fabricated claim underwent court for a potrava of sheep the dogs and it was found guilty. The stroke which stopped works of the poet and artist in December, 1929 became result of the postponed shock from injustice.

Marina Tsvetaeva about August wrote enthusiastically:

Augustus - asters,

Augustus - stars,

Augustus - clusters

of Grapes and a mountain ash

Rusty - August!

Sound, favorable

Apple imperial,

As the child, you play, August.

As a palm, you iron heart

the Name the imperial:

Augustus! - Heart!

Month of late kisses,

of Late roses and lightnings late!

of Heavy rains star -

Augustus! - Month

of Heavy rains star!

But also she died in the last day of August, 1941, - it was already told about this tragedy. In 26 years on the same day heart of Ilya Ehrenburg admitting that during a Stalin time survived incidentally ceased to fight on August 31, 1967. On August 28, 1979 Konstantin Simonov, the participant of many political peripetias in literary circles died.

On August 1, 1992 there was no Margarita Aliger, deeply unfortunate woman: the first husband, the composer Makarov, is killed at the front; one of daughters, Tatyana, tragicly died, the second committed suicide, as well as her father - Alexander Fadeyev. On August 20, 1994 ceased to fight Robert Rozhdestvensky`s heart, one of those poets stopped by a heart attack who in the time of troubles began to speak aloud and publicly about problems of the country and mankind.

This mournful chronicle strikes with the frequency of the events falling on the 20th century. August deaths of the Russian writers happened and before. In the XVIII-XIX centuries it were V. Trediakovsky (1768), V. Kuchelbecker (1846), P. Yershov (1869), V. Kurochkin (1875), A. Apukhtin (1893). But there are no doubts that the Soviet era is involved in quantity of waves of a mortal braid heart-to-heart of literary talents.

We will bow to memory of those who lived then irrespective of he - survived or not.