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Convenient footwear on heels. How to make a right choice?

Here go I beautiful down the street, and all counter children and petrify and which weaker and fall, fall, fall also by itself keep within stacks...

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Practically each woman dreams to look attractive and womanly

. On what only tricks do not go: eyebrows correct, suffer torments of an epilation, precious on a fighting coloring spend time...

In creation of a bewitching image heels play not the last role: try to move smoothly hips to a step to gait if standing valenoks or beach slates! It is available only to professional models, perfecting the art on a podium not one year. And what to do to us, to office workers, housewives, consultants and all women whom similar practice did not concern, but there is a wish to look elegantly?

At the choice of footwear on heels, first of all, pay attention to block . In footwear it has to be convenient! You do not want to reincarnate in the Little Mermaid from Andersen`s fairy tale which each step brought it intolerable pain? Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine convenience of a block by a naked eye.

Surely put on the chosen shoes, walk in them on the hall: if there is an obvious discomfort, it is better to refuse such couple, having rejected thought perhaps I will get used . Discuss with sellers a possibility of an exchange of couple for other model within 2 - 3 days if on fitting in house conditions you understand that the block everything is not yours (certainly, having promised to return footwear in the same state that was bought). Also remember that heel height not always defines convenience of a block. Legs can be tired also on 4 - 5 centimetric heel if the producer incorrectly calculated load of foot.

Following important criterion: heel height . The range of 3 - 7 cm is considered optimum. With a convenient block these borders can be moved apart to 10 cm pure heel heights. Sometimes producers increase a heel, adding in front a small platform that also customers seemed higher, and their legs were not tired. On stilettos with a hairpin more than 12 cm high you will look stunningly and sexually. But be ready that you will not be able to take place in them more than 1 - 2 hours, and in the future this addiction will respond serious problems with foot, up to deformation of bones. It is unlikely a short-term exit costs such long-term victims.

We pass to a footwear sock . Often upon purchase forget about it, subsequently being distressed about inconvenience of model. When carrying heels the main loading is the share of forward part of foot. The fingers clamped in a footwear vice with a narrow nose or resting against a sock will hardly feel comfortable. Also be sure that will pay back you for such neglect at least with callosities. Add fatigue of foot, problem with legs in the future here, constantly torn stockings - pleasant it is not enough.

Slightly rounded off sock with free space in front, or the made narrower classical form in fingers will solve this problem with a sufficient scope. If on a sock there is a cut, then it should not be too deep that fingers did not leave forward, out of sole limits.

Attentively study material of which the footwear is made. Do not save on leather products! Synthetics will not be so durable, bad air exchange in footwear will create excess inconveniences. Keep in mind that patent leather stretches more difficult. It means that not always glossy shoes will shrink precisely on a leg, and the pleasure from purchase will be saddened by discomfort when carrying. Suede and nubuck rather soft and pliable materials, but also it is necessary to look after them more carefully. If you driving, keep in mind that the back on suede footwear is erased quicker.

Try to buy footwear with the type-setting heel which is not fitted by skin. Our roads are far from perfect, and numerous poles, roughnesses and wait for the new victims. The peeled heels look not esthetically, absolutely greasing impression of the thought-over image.

Pay attention to models so popular now with a platform sole and a platform. Often they it is more convenient than high hairpins and are steadier. Surely you watch that the sole was flexible. Some footwear on a continuous platform from - for rigid, almost wooden sole, fixes foot only in horizontal position, depriving of it an opportunity to be bent when walking. In that case it is possible to forget about the flying gait and a comfortable step.

Convenient footwear - it is not obligatory slaps, sports sneakers, flats or grandmother`s moccasins. Fortunately, times of total deficiency sank Into oblivion, and the range of modern shops impresses. I hope that these simple councils will help you to choose comfortable footwear on a heel which will please you long time.