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Mushrooms. It is useful? Dangerously? Tasty... Mushrooms many love

. For one simple reason - they are tasty. Though researches show that a nutrition value of this product not such and high. That is there is really a lot of useful substances in mushrooms, but they are badly acquired. What to do? Is or is not? Or perhaps is, but not all?

Original taste and aroma to mushrooms are given by aromatic substances, glucose, a mannitol and mycosis (mushroom sugar). By quantity and composition of carbohydrates mushrooms approach vegetables. But in them there is also a glycogen - so-called animal starch. And mineral substances almost as much how many in fruit, and (potassium, phosphorus and sulfur) it is even more some elements.

Mushrooms - not only tasty food. Many of them contain medicinal substances. In boletuses there is an alkaloid gertsenin. It gives medical effect at stenocardia, tuberculosis, decrease in the general tone. The raincoat in traditional medicine is used as styptic means and at treatment of kidneys. In champignons antibiotics with a broad spectrum of activity are found. The milk mushroom peppery is used at an urolithic illness as a diuretic. In a chesnochnik the substance which is slowing down development of cancer cells is revealed. Many noticed peculiar outgrowths on trunks of birches, them call chagy. These are tinder fungus mushroom outgrowths. And it is used as a source of antibiotic and onkostatichesky substances.

Dried mushrooms are called sometimes vegetable " meat; - it is so much in them proteins. Even in their beef it is less, than in some mushrooms. And proteins of slippery jacks, cepes and birch mushrooms - full, that is have a full set of irreplaceable amino acids. Other mushrooms contain their incomplete set. Proteins concentrate in hats therefore they both are considered more valuable and legs are more nutritious.

Why proteins of mushrooms are badly acquired by an organism? The reason is that protein in cages of mushrooms contains in a complex with chitin. And chitin - very solid substance. The armor of a bug or cancer, for example, consists of it. Chitin is not dissolved in water and the diluted acids. Only the concentrated solutions of some acids are capable to dissolve it. And to our gastric juice beyond its powers. Therefore to facilitate process of assimilation of mushrooms, it is necessary to prepare them not less than one and a half hours. And before it also as it is possible to cut more small. Mushrooms were never considered as a dietary product just from - for weights of their digestion. Only healthy people can use mushroom dishes.

Process of digestion of mushrooms can last from four to six hours. It creates feeling of satiety. But also loading on zheludochno - an intestinal path at the same time serious. Most of all - on a mucous membrane of a stomach and on a pancreas. Therefore people are not recommended to use mushrooms with gastrointestinal tract diseases, especially at stomach ulcer, gastritises, pancreatitis and cholecystitises. It is not necessary to eat them and that who has problems with kidneys.

You should not feed with mushrooms of children, especially small. At children the gastrointestinal tract still is completely not created. So, even good-quality mushrooms can cause disorders of digestion in kids. Till three years is strictly forbidden to give mushrooms to children. The senior - occasionally and only as seasoning to other dishes. For this purpose use powder or paste from mushrooms.

Whether it is worth gathering mushrooms? Well, unless if you grew up in the wood or really well understand them. And do not forget that that it is necessary to put in a basket only the young and intact mushrooms. As in old, overripe, worm-eaten disintegration products collect. It is possible to get poisoned with them easily. If there is no time at once to be engaged in the gathered mushrooms, then it is possible to store them on cold no more days.

That who understands mushrooms rather weakly, the best not to risk. Messages on poisoning cases appear every year. Some come to an end tragicly. Whether so there is a dinner with the mushrooms collected with own hand, the most expensive - lives? Better already in shop of champignons or oyster mushrooms to buy.