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How to find work and not to lose it. Age, experience... prospect?

Absolutely everyday case: the intelligent lady aged for 50 looks for work. The humanist, philological education, she is clever, well owns the computer, the correct speech, writes competently. Strongly does not want money much, and wants to work at full capacity which it is a lot of.

And already several months without work, and having found a job, having worked as few months, again it is jobless. What is it? Ill fate? Intrigues of ill-wishers? Let`s look into it.

Modern society is simple it is turned on youth. Despite all the increasing life expectancy and steadily growing percent of pensioners in total number of the population, old not to be fashionable and not comme il faut. Employers this fashion too, undoubtedly, is supported. But, unfortunately, she is supported and from workers aged . Somehow so it developed that often the employee aged it is psychologically ready initially on more unpromising work and positions.

There was a noticeable stratification among workers for 40 and especially for 50 . Most often we can meet people of this age or at the positions demanding the highest qualification - in the management of the enterprises, among doctors, professorate, in pedagogics, in accounts department and t. d, or at the low-qualified and low-paid positions - from cleaners and sellers to janitors. The average link is almost not presented by people for... .

Whether only because of employers? Recently I faced the above described case - the intelligent lady slightly for 50. Mass of advantages. But.

In - the first, madam smokes. The management of the company where she found a job, on the contrary, stands up for a healthy lifestyle.

It is very difficult for the smoking person to understand that the smell proceeding from it after smoke breaks can be simply unpleasant to someone. And nevertheless, in most cases, the smell very strongly influences perception of other person. And not only a smell of tobacco, but also not finished washing body or sweat, especially in the close room where there is no conditioning. It is a signal at the subconscious level therefore it is so difficult to understand sometimes why you feel absolutely inexplicable hostility to this or that person.

In - the second, some negligence in clothes and a hairdress, even sometimes decorating the young girl, is absolutely unacceptable for the person aged.

It seems, the common truth, but here repeatedly was necessary to notice that this question applicants for... is not considered as important at all... What is necessary for these employers? For work I arrive on time, I plow the whole day how a tractor, in my office in general nobody sees me and does not hear - that I have to vyryazhatsya and be painted still? I not came to a party! - here such arguments move forward in protection of the appearance.

And thank God if the lady such will have at work a gentleman or the admirer - here it can both refresh a hairdress, and clothes more carefully, without the dispersed seams, to begin to carry, and to organize a manikyurchik... And here for employers and just employees she will not try - fall in love with me such what I am!

In - the third, psychological features of age for... are that that most of people at this age are already parents, and most often, adult children. Therefore, very often, perception of young colleagues at such employees falls down towards the attitude towards them, as to children. Who, in turn, can be criticized and to bring up from height of wisdom of the lived years. What, in turn, within labor relations, causes bewilderment and a protest at vospituyemy especially, if they are on the same, or higher steps of a career ladder. It transfers very often authoritative style of communication accepted in a family of such worker also to the colleagues.

Difficulties are also experienced also by young heads. Because being in position of the head of more senior employee, the head should be more limited in opportunities of the disciplining influences (if the head of people too intelligent), and from manipulations of such employees (that you, young, understand...; here you will live about mine...; the old age should be respected...) it is protected more weakly.

Therefore when the applicant of pre-retirement age comes, the head has dual feelings. On the one hand, the similar employee - just a find: will not go to the decree, professional experience considerable and vital considerable any more, it is still full of strength, but... On the other hand, the enthusiasm of youth already, often, gave way to scepticism of a maturity, flexibility in personal relationship has not enough, ambition, but does not correspond to the real situation of the person in the professional world.

Besides, subject very slippery - rejection old workaholic " collective; young goofs . To prove to be the person of the highest degree business and to be pleasant to the administration, many make a mistake - work more, than it is necessary, strenuously showing the diligence. Than incite against themselves collective (especially female) in which there were already internal relations, and obligatory repeated kofepity with washing up each other of stones is a good tradition. Here already all collective is ready chorus to vote against such colleague.

What to do? Who there from fabulists has a council - on itself, the godfather to turn around ? Good and correct council. Before to find a job, and in the first months of work it is necessary to be very critical, first of all, in relation to itself, but not to people around. From first minute it is necessary to understand - you adapt to collective, but not collective to you.

Let`s face the truth - it is difficult to find a job now. And not only to the person for... but to young, employees full of strength. The competition in labor market the highest. Means, it is necessary to consider this factor. Besides, if you need work not because were tired to lie on a sofa and to watch soap operas, and, so to speak, by vital need .

Whatever were your colleagues if you accept the place of work, payment and other factors (and if do not arrange - why a fuss to make?) it is necessary to approach rationally a question of the interpersonal relations in collective. It means - at any opportunity to show goodwill, ability to agree, openness and readiness for mutual aid. Even if people with whom you work not too are pleasant to you or are much younger and more silly you. Unfortunately, so far you yet not the boss at this enterprise to choose employees not to you. As companion Stalin, " spoke; I have for you no other writers .

Having come to new collective, it is worth looking round and understanding at once who is who - who the informal leader who troublemaker who working horse . And to choose to itself a role to which to adhere. People love definiteness. They are reconciled even with the most serious shortcomings of others if these shortcomings do not touch them personally.

Also, it is desirable, especially to show consideration for own appearance and a smell. Forgive that I touch upon so intimate subject, however very often bad smell becomes a stumbling block for the most professionally wealthy employees, especially those who are forced to work at office, with people. Generally, it is better to be washed once again, to make an epilation and to use mouth and body deodorants.

One more of the most important factors is the spirit. Optimistic, vigorous outlook on life adds popularity, and moaning and infinite complaints about life and retelling of sad series of own hard life and problems and sorrows of the family or acquaintances - on the contrary. Your problems have to remain behind walls of office. You study to switch on a business and vigorous harmony - you will be healthier. The comic view of the most difficult difficulties allows to overcome them quite vigorously.

On researches of scientists, health very actively takes away also envy. Yes, here that envy which seizes, often, the most sane people, doing them very vulnerable. You should not compare personal and others` merits, and also remuneration for them. It is always possible to find both examples positive, and negative. So, it is better not to look in someone else`s salary sheet.

And in general, behave more wisely - it so naturally to mature age.