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How to make butter?

Why him to train - some readers will ask, - if it can be got in shop?

Really, the choice of oil in shops big: as at the price, color, and on quality. But unless it is possible to compare to it the oil prepared in house conditions? Yes with a hot boiled kartoshechka. Aroma, taste Especially as at many people who use rural sour cream it sometimes remains to

not demanded up to the end. There is a wish fresh? That, quite clear desire. We buy fresh, and we will let this on oil. Nothing that it is slightly a podkisla. It for receiving butter is even good. If only did not taste bitter. Sour cream with a taste of bitterness will give bitterish, tasteless oil.

It is necessary to make a reservation that such approach is applicable only for city dwellers, or residents of the village who are not engaged in receiving dairy products. As at others who are engaged in production of dairy products, approach other. In them, even small, farms is available all necessary for production of sour cream and oil.

For receiving oil is used a milkchurn in which prepare considerable volumes of oil.

In our case from 0,5 to 1,5 liters, and in the absence of the special equipment for receiving oil, that is, without special milkchurn will be a question of use of the remains of unspent, good rural sour cream in quantities.

In our case as a milkchurn we will use the usual glass jar with a kapron cover applied to conservation. Volume banks has to exceed sour cream volume not less than twice. It is connected with the fact that in the course of oil preparation, at an initial stage, sour cream is shaken up and its volume increases. The question of use of mixers and other tools will not be considered in this article. Let`s say that we have neither mixers, nor wooden spoons, and there are only glass jars.

So, we will start oil preparation operation performance:

The first.

Preparation of sour cream.

If sour cream was in the refrigerator, then it is necessary to expose and stand her indoors some time that it gained ambient temperature. From cold sour cream to churn butter very hard, and from warm oil turns out big and friable. Therefore the best temperature of sour cream for preparation of butter - 20 - 25 degrees on Celsius scale.

The second.

Filling banks sour cream.

to Pour in the prepared sour cream, necessary temperature, in a pure glass jar of earlier stipulated volume and to close a kapron cover.

The third.

Began oil knockings down.

Vigorous stirrings up - down we try to force sour cream to move banks inside. If sour cream dense, then it is heavier. However, it only at an initial stage.

in case of very dense sour cream, it it is possible to dilute with milk slightly. It is also possible to use also water, but when using water it will be impossible to use a maslyanka (the liquid fraction which remained after oil knocking down) in a direct look. On the maslyanka containing water it is possible to make pancakes or still some dish which will pass heat treatment.

The fourth.

End of knocking down of oil.

Sour cream began to move well in bank. We continue to shake it until grains begin to be formed. If the respite is required, then have a rest. To fall in exhaustion there is no need.

to Understand that grains began to be formed of sour cream, you will be able, looking at walls banks. They will begin to be cleared of sour cream.

in the course of beating of oil smetanaperekhodit through several states: increases in volume, thins and slightly settles, further - formation of grains, knocking down of grains in oil.

So, we noticed grains, walls began to be cleared. We continue to shake. We notice that grains began to form weight. We can reduce intensity of stirrings. But we continue to beat that the formed weight slightly decreased in volume. Such weight very well moves in a maslyanka. In addition - at contact of weight with walls banks it leaves on them dabs.

Oil cannot be killed, but possibly not to finish. Remaining oil call big. It, as a rule, very friable also comprises a lot of maslyanka.

The fifth.

Extraction of the churned butter.
Knocking down of oil is finished with

. We merge contents banks in the pure enameled bowl or a pan, it is possible to use also ceramic ware. We take the remained oil particles from banks by means of a tablespoon.

The sixth.

oil Washing.

the Tablespoon we aggregate oil and we overload with parts in a pure cup.

we put aside the Remained liquid (maslyanka) in the first cup aside. It is a ready by-product which you can use at discretion.

In the oil placed in a pure cup we pour in a small amount of cold water. Then we begin to knead oil a spoon in cold water - before its turbidity. Then we merge the dimmed water and again we fill in with clear cold water. We repeat process of a razminaniye of oil in water at which there is its washing. We repeat these operations until water does significantly not grow turbid. At the end we will merge water.

The seventh.

Removal of water from oil.

So, at you on a plate or in a cup the piece of oil after washing lies. It is necessary to remove water from it. It is necessary to do it by a spoon, slightly pressing out a piece of oil from all directions. At the same time droplets of water will flow down in a plate. In process of running off of water in a plate, we will merge it. Then process of sinking of oil can be continued. When from the top butter layers water ceases to be emitted, it needs to be kneaded as mash dough, and again to try to press out a spoon, previously having collected in whom. To consider operation finished when from oil water is not emitted.

The eighth.

Supply of oil to a table.
the Washed-out oil put

on a beautiful saucer, slightly put a pattern with a fork or a spoon and you can give to a table.

the Product will be fragrant and nice to the taste.

To such fragrant product containing a particle of your soul you can offer hot boiled potatoes, pancakes hot flour, pancakes warm potato or hot tea with bread.

Yes you never know to what can give such tasty oil to

Bon appetit!