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What can be stronger than love? Elena Denisyeva and Fedor Tyutchev Not to us to judge

, the love track on what invisible strings attraction music sounds over it is how difficult and inexplicable, the note of passion and as strongly it is bound with a warm rush is how strong in this melody.

In different destinies it appears in own way, and sometimes the external look addresses feelings of lovers and loving with condemnation, and foreign languages are ready to dishonor these feelings, especially if they pour out in the long relations.

So it happened to that woman to whom lines of the poem from an epigraph are turned. Elena Aleksandrovna Denisyeva was born in Kursk in an ancient noble family, however, fairly impoverished by the time of its birth. The girl early lost mother, and repeated marriage of the father led to the accruing problems in the relations of a married couple with the child.

Elena was sent to St. Petersburg to care of the aunt, the senior inspektrisa of Smolny of institute who quickly became attached to the niece, indulged purchases of ladies` toilets and jewelry, early began to remove to the public. The young girl with good manners, pleasant appearance and remarkable mind was noticed and began to use attention of men which promised her a possibility of successful marriage. But

Together in Elena in Smolny brought up two oldest daughters of Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev, the poet and the diplomat. He, by then already married again, had some magic influence on all ladies meeting in his life. There was no our heroine exception and. But also F. I. Tyutchev did not resist charming E. A. Denisyeva`s charm. The passion which flashed in both brought them into embraces of each other. And while it remained secret for secular society, nothing interfered with meetings. It was 24, to it - 47.

However there was a scandal when before the release and court appointments

it became clear that the pupil of Smolny expects the child. The aunt hastily showed the door from institute, having granted pension. Almost all relatives and acquaintances refused Elena, and the father damned the daughter. But just Aleksandra Dmitriyevna Denisyeva, the aunt which lost the prestigious duty station did not leave the young woman, having lodged together with her, and even the woman teacher from Smolny Varvara Arsentyevna Belorukova visited the ladies rejected by society, showing care of them many years.

Despite everything, Lelya Denisyeva did not suspend relations with the beloved, and the strange love triangle existed fourteen years, to the death of E. A. Denisyeva. She gave birth to F. I. Tyutcheva of three children, and it gave them the surname with the consent of the lawful wife Ernestina who was aware of the husband`s relations with other woman. The relations in this informal couple were not cloudless at all. The exhausted Lelya could go to the beloved into a scene, but could not refuse him. And he, without regard to these scenes, did not think of life without it too.

Elena Aleksandrovna died from a consumption on August 4, 1864 at the age of 37 years, and the oldest daughter, too Elena, and the younger son Nikolay to whom was incomplete three years soon died of the same illness. Only the son Fedor who lived then long life escaped.

F. I. Tyutchev adoring nearly fifteen years of two women and therefore not made a choice between them, devoted to mad passion to the Lelya the most shrill cycle of poems among which much known About as terribly we love Do not speak: he, as before, loves me What you prayed with love " to; I eyes knew, - oh, these eyes!. Last love and others.

One of them describes last hours of the woman who put all life, and not just wellbeing and secular approval on a love altar:

All day it lay in drowsiness -

I it shadows covered all -

Poured a warm, summer rain - its streams

On leaves cheerfully sounded.

I she slowly came round -

I began to listen to noise,

I long listened - is keen,

Is soaked into conscious thoughts...

I here, as if talking to itself, Consciously she spoke


(I was at it, killed, but live)

Oh, as all this I loved!

was Loved by you and as you to love -

Is not present, nobody managed yet -

Oh my God!. and to endure it...

I heart on scraps did not become torn...

I even in many years after a meeting with Elena Aleksandrovna the poet will still address it:

Today, the friend, fifteen years passed

C of that is blissful - fatal day,

As to a shower she the inhaled all,

As all itself poured in me...

Not to us to judge a love story, and language does not turn to call it the banal word novel . But today, on the fourth of August, it is possible to remember it