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Elisa Bachchioki and Nicolo Paganini: how to hold the genius in a gold cage?

on July 31, 1805 the dark-haired beauty Elisa Bachchioki, the owner of two small adjacent Italian principalities Pyombino and Lucca, presented to the yard the new captain Labe - guards. However, this person was known to most of the audience not less, than to the hostess of the palace - in the leader of guard of the senhora and the senhorita without effort learned the virtuoso - the violinist Nicolo Paganini. He was difficult be not to learned: rumors went that it is a devil in a human appearance. None of mortal could to squeeze out from a violin such sounds which overturned soul as if it was the small fragile small boat which got in the high sea to the most real storm.

Externally this 22 - the summer young man something reminded the old man: a little crooked fingers, deep wrinkles which cut up a forehead, the real chasm in black as an underworld, eyes, a crooked figure what is only at people who drag not one decade heavy freight of household problems on a hump. Besides from regular jobs by playing a violin which since the childhood continued till 10 - 12 hours a day at Paganini one shoulder was much higher than another

meanwhile, 27 - the summer hostess of the palace was to it the complete antithesis. Sharp and gusty in the movements, it, nevertheless, could be at the same time and majestic - one her look could nail to a bench of the person is three times more senior than her. It kept absolutely freely as though years thirty sits on the throne. However, it was and it is unsurprising: Elisa, younger sister of Napoleon Bonaparte making at that time history of Europe, perfectly knew the own worth. And its hasty (at the brother`s insistance) the marriage with the duke Bachchioki misled nobody.

They could not but meet...

Little corporal then still made advances both to the Pope, and to other influential Italians to show to all Europe: it came to lands of the former Roman Empire not as the aggressor, and as the ally. As the person educated and respecting foreign power. And to give a certain similarity of legality on the one hand and to receive the maximum extent of influence, Bonaparte married the Elisa to the representative though an impoverished, but noble family. It was fully political marriage.

Running forward I will tell that the sister of the great commander quite met expectations of the brother. Having discharged of the management of the principality of the husband, she brought order a firm hand everywhere. It had a special gift: to find and appoint to important posts of those people which as well as possible were suitable for these purposes. And soon Lucca which is a little ruined by Napoleonic invasion began to come to life. And besides, Elisa was always drawn towards art so of Paganini you will not call emergence accident at her yard

In order that everything was according to Hoyle, Nicolo even sewed a beautiful uniform of the captain Labe - guards. But in military science he was as the famous literary hero: it could not Yamba from a trochee as we fought, to distinguish . However, it very few people concerned: let`s tell, Bonaparte`s son-in-law, Elisa`s husband, was granted by a rank of the commander of a regiment. Just in case, which, however, would also not happen What

long was no chain - it remains a chain

B something - Bachchokki was lucky: it manual the maestro was not very pretentious: for it was to have a violin and opportunities to play music enough. Elisa was the wise woman - she did not show too clear superiority over Niccolo, understanding: whatever gold was the cage, it all the same will remain a cage. And even more: say that the duchess monitored in some way private life of Paganini, from far away watching that any daughter of Eve did not show excessive importunity in relation to it to a toy . Who - who, and she perfectly understood: happen some passion, but not a strastishka, and to a certain extent the obedient musician can kick up

Some time he felt like at court if a dog the Ball on a chain, to on rather long chain which is almost not limiting its movements and thoughts. He created much, and had prejudice that if sometime to write down notes, then they will be someone stolen. Envious persons at it was more than enough, once they even cut all strings that the musician could not play. But one, some wonderfully, escaped. On it Nicolo also executed the military sonata Napoleon . It was the string " salt;.

True awe caused Paganini`s execution in listeners of other work - Love scene when from a violin any strings, except " were removed; mi and " salt;. By means of these strings the musician elicited such sounds that before listeners in several minutes all love story was developed: beginning from the first charm, the impetuous fountain of dreams and desires to full disappointment and, as a result, cooling of feelings. the Candle nobody held


during the first execution of this work Elisa Bachchioki was so fascinated by

that the first jumped from the place in the crowded hall and, standing, violently applauded the idol. It gave a reason to evil tongues to gossip already next day that this composition is devoted to the duchess.

Some historians still argue: what were their relations? Whether only friendly? Whether they passed for a framework of legal? Whether they were lovers or their relations remained within Platonic? And when journalists are connected to these disputes, the turmoil turns out still that. Everything depends on degree sensational nature with which it is required to give material. In particular, one of the editions which are most respected by me (whose regional supplement I edited in due time), especially without straining itself researches, defined Elisa in Nicolo`s lovers. And what to waste time on trifles?! Who now, two centuries later, will check?

But to you it is worth to remember that in the following ambassador of the described events marriage at Elisa the daughter whom she called Elisa Napoleon was born. It is thought if Nicolo was a father of the child, about it would trumpet to all Europe. Especially if to consider its reputation: whether the maestro wanted or not, but his game made such impression on women that where there to Yura Shatunov in blossoming of its concert activity with White roses ! Ladies literally attacked the virtuoso, and not always it was indifferent to these charms And separately though throw

? whether

we sometime Learn truth? Even if we learn what it will change in our life? Only one is for certain known: four years later after the described events, in 1809, Elisa and Nicolo`s ways finally dispersed. And while nothing foretold a gap. The letter from the crowned brother of the duchess that he appoints the sister the governor of all Province of Tuscany came from Paris. Joyful Elisa right there hurried to send to Paganini the notice that he is appointed the captain of Tuscan guard.

On the maestro`s concert, the first after this event, unexpectedly was in just sewed uniform, than terribly angered the madam. She decided not to report about this decision for the time being not to excite the vassals. And here this circus actor appeared dressed up in the captain. In a word, he met his match

Ahead both had the private life: with pleasures and grieves. But more Elisa had no influence on the maestro any more - he left a gold cage. Whether it from it became happier? Who knows, as nobility.

It is necessary to add that the destiny measured to Elisa not much time - after falling of the French empire it was forced to leave Tuscany and hid in Bologna. From a psychological trauma did not recover, died on August 7, 1820 at the age of 43 years.

Change of the power did not render such oppressive impression on Nicolo, to it the destiny measured two decades more. By then it already had a son, and the father had to give mad number of concerts which took away so many forces and energy that accelerated an outcome. Officially Paganini died from tuberculosis, but the illness progressed against an obvious breakdown. It occurred on May 27, 1840