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German language courses in Germany of

Studying of German in Germany differs in traditional German scrupulousness and quality. Besides high-quality acquisition of this foreign language study in Germany will allow you to receive many new impressions, to get new friends, say, to spend time with big advantage and pleasure. Thanks to numerous schools and the language centers to choose something suitable big will be not difficult for itself.

All schools and the language centers have well verified, approved program of training in which it is ideally balanced ratios of the price and quality. It is possible to find courses for all levels in Germany, including for beginners. Levels as it is accepted, are divided on the all-European system and coordinated with requirements of universities of Germany at revenues there to training. Ended courses, the certificate which confirms the level of training passed by you and volume of the listened hours is issued.

In Germany practically all language schools and the language centers can offer you the special programs intended to test passing of DSH and TestDaF granting the right to enter the university of Germany without entrance examinations. At the same time these courses are organized in such a way that having successfully ended one level, you can continue training at the following at once.

So what German language courses offer language schools and the centers? Let`s list them:

a course for preparation for receipt in higher educational institutions of Germany;

a course just to learn language;

a course for tourists? to take a walk in Germany.

As we already told a set of the language schools and centers located in many cities of the country in Germany. Let`s list the main cities where they are, and also the cost of courses and approximate cost of accommodation in a month.

Berlin - from 250 euros/month - 200 - 300 euros/month;

Frankfurt - 310 euros/month - from 250 euros/month;

Munich - from 256 euros/month - from 400 euros/month;

Bremen - 310 euros/month - from 250 euros/month;

Cologne - 198 euros/month - 210 - 350 euros/month;

Magdeburg - 150 euros/month - from 170 euros/month;

Muenster - from 104 euros/month - 180 - 228 euros/month;

Hanover - from 150 euros/month - 200 - 300 euros/month.

Now is a little more detailed about some of these courses.

At Munster university (Muenster) German language courses cost from 104 to 192 euros a month. Here the cost of the most running courses of this foreign language fluctuates within 144 - 192 euros a month. For accommodation will offer you the dormitory at the price of 220 euros a month. If your course of German is calculated on duration more than one month, that is an opportunity after a month of accommodation to replace the hostel with cheaper - at the price of 190 euros a month.

In Hanover German language courses are organized at institute of foreign languages. Besides actually training, this institute holds the mass of entertaining events. Only in certain cases, for example at a visit of theater, from you will take 5 euros. The cost of courses begins with 50 euros here in a month. For entering a university there are courses worth from 180 to 336 euros here a month.

German language courses in Berlin, will be organized by school of foreign languages. Besides training, the school organizes various excursions.

German language courses in Cologne. Monthly cost is 188 euros. If two months, then 360 euros are paid. Are trained in group 8 - 12 people.

Very good courses Magdeburg. Despite comparative low cost of courses - 130 euros a week, courses qualitative and quite intensive - 20 hours a week.

The same intensity of training and in Bremen. The cost of a standard course - 310 euros a month. Also there are courses for preparation for the test of DAF.