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How to endure a heat?

this year the summer heat only sometimes grants to us a respite. It would seem, we live near not so to the equator to suffer as inhabitants of rather tropical countries. But they perfectly adapted and somehow escape from a heat. And all - what needs to be done not to be roasted under the summer sun? whether we Remember

a thermos

you Reflected sometime why many inhabitants of tropical countries dress up in warm dressing gowns, cover the heads with dense scarfs or muffle in a burqa? Quite so they also escape from summer heat. It appears, the warm clothes are a peculiar thermos and work okhlazhdayushche. Under a dense cover the body strongly sweats, and drops of sweat cool it, and the clothes do not give the chance to a heat to get to a body.

Probably, it is not the most suitable way to be saved from a heat, for example, to Europeans. And therefore an optimal variant - cotton or linen spacious clothes of light flowers. It perfectly absorbs sweat and is well ventilated.

we Drink hot tea

One more, apparently, a senseless habit of the population of tropical countries - to drink hot tea at all seasons of the year, and especially during a summer time. We traditionally take this drink in the winter and to be warmed. And here of Asia are convinced that tea gives a boomerang effect. During a heat blood gets denser, and it it is necessary to dilute and tea - means ideal and most available for this purpose.

And doctors recommend to forget about the cold beer adored by many people till fall. This drink increases blood density, forces our heart to fight more often, increases arterial pressure. All this can provoke even hypertensive crisis. Besides beer, as well as any alcoholic drink, possesses property to detain liquid in an organism and does a heat for the person intolerable.

Too, according to physicians, it is desirable to bypass barrels with kvass: kvass influences an organism almost the same as beer. He will wander in an organism, and it will definitely not bring pleasant feelings in a sunny weather.

Juice which also influences blood density were included in the list of the drinks forbidden in the summer garnet and dark grape. It is much more useful to drink the cooled juice with sourish taste. Light grape, orange, grapefruit will be ideally suited during a summer time.

With the conditioner is careful

Many during a heat escape by means of conditioners. It, undoubtedly, the useful invention of mankind, but, as well as any other household appliance, it is necessary to use it carefully.

Too cold air in the apartment or office when on the street of heat, can cause elementary cold and, what is even worse, the rheumatic overcooled muscle pains, especially cervical department. Therefore if on the street even plus forty, temperature in the room or the car does not be lower than the most comfortable for the person, that is +21 degrees . we Eat

fish with vegetables

the Food during a heat has to be easy. Try to replace meat with boiled fish, and a garnish - fresh vegetables.

It is useful to constrain the appetite and - during a heat any cakes and cakes are contraindicated to gourmands. Refuse also food before going to bed, you will sweat and suffer differently all night long.

we Sleep with a hot-water bottle

to Alleviate suffering in stuffy windless night, it appears, too it is possible. It is not necessary to take cover damp sheets as it is done by some people. It is better to hang up a wet sheet on a window. Before going to bed it is desirable to air the room, and most to take a cool shower.

If and it does not help, can use... hot-water bottle. Fill it with water and put in the freezer. Put a hot-water bottle with ice on a bed at night - it will help to reduce temperature in the sleeping placement on two - three degrees!

Therefore stock up with hot-water bottles, tea and fish and meet a heat fully equipped.