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Summaries will find the employers of

I Send - I send the summary, and there are no responses everything - now such phrase can very often be heard from applicants. The most important that it seems both vacancies are, and the personnel in the company are required, and the employer keeps silent. So in what the reason?

Now owing to the developed environment, developed two types of the websites - the free bulletin boards living due to sale of advertizing spaces and the websites working at a commercial basis. At the present stage when projects paid since the income from advertizing fell several times are the most logical to make the Internet, many websites become paid. thus electronic recruiting can begin to develop in two directions, only what effective?

U of each of resources of the market of electronic recruiting is the features, strong and weaknesses. So, the websites closing access to viewing of contact information may contain the curriculum vitae of experts, demand for which services is rather high and which are in passive job search. But in too time, the websites with free access, are, in - the first stage, the most democratic, especially when the companies so reduce the budget and are not capable to afford purchase of access and placement of vacancies. But the main problem remains in ignorance of applicants. Candidates continue to place the summaries, without thinking that the employer will not be able to call them, owing to the fact that did not buy a package of access to contact information. The employer just will not be able quickly to contact him from - for lack of contact information. And the employer is not ready to pay for information now.

Many companies find a way out of current situation thanks to printing editions on employment, or the free websites, it as ProfJob. ru, Dpjob. ru, rabota. mail. ru, zarplata. ru and many other. By means of similar resources the healthy competitive environment in the market the Internet of sources which allows the companies to find the necessary people on the right places remains, and to applicants to find work. As they say, who looks for, that will always find .

Novozhilova Alina,

of Pr - the manager of the " company; Pyotr Dyakovsky