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Whether there is a sense to repair the broken boat?

Float the boat on the river

Brown, put from the wooden tarred strips, the case. The oarlocks singing the strange song. And oars - in the aspiration to make a start so strongly to fly up. And in the boat

He and she.

Two. Union. Couple. Family.

B something that unites them and allows to move together - on the river of life.

Then - we will say without metaphors, directly.

the Man and the woman, in the boat of family life, make joint swimming on life open spaces. It - on oars, operates the movement of the boat, defining the direction of the movement, speed and an overall objective of this swimming. She - or on a boat nose, carries out navigation and reports to the satellite the impressions about what was seen and passed. Or - aft boats, rejoicing to the movement, lowers a hand in water and splashes a cool, roaring with laughter.

It depends on each concrete situation. Anyway - the man has to row and he sits a back to the direction of the movement. And the woman

they are carry. And the location in the boat it defines. It has a choice.

I, so far, - everything is quite serene. The sun, a current not really strong shines, - it is enough forces, mood - raised. Their vehicle - strong also does not bring special trouble. It was only necessary to decide on the place in the boat - and everything, the rest occurs as if by itself.

But here the Boat gives to

the first leak. Cakes became wet, and champagne heated up. Heels on " become wet; gold " shoes; also stability of the boat changes. At both cares which at normal swimming - just were not begin to appear. She - to rescue champagne and shoes, or to try to stop up cracks and to stop a leak. He - to continue to fight against the increased loading (weight was added), but know that forces will be enough for a smaller distance, or to go to some I protect.

Everyone - again, solves.

Anyway - after overcoming of this situation, with small a leak in the family boat everyone will know reaction of the satellite and will draw conclusions on relevance of the actions and the acceptability of common efforts for achievement of the purpose of swimming. There will be an assessment and safety of the boat, its stability, ability crew to overcome difficulties. And the further way - will be carried out or with small list from - for excess " water; onboard . Or - necessary repair modernizes life boat and similar small troubles will not appear on their way any more.

But here - ahead thresholds. Raging and roaring. Deadly. And suddenly - the flown storm. Lightnings, wave shine - strives to overflow through a board. Wind disheveled both a hairdress, and habitual furniture of the boat. Elements and destiny met in a uniform rush to destroy the developed tenor of life. He - smells oats and feverishly looks for ways to rescue, or, having given to will of providence - hopes for boat durability. She - feverishly looks for ways to rescue, without hoping for boat fortress, or having seized death grip design details - is sent to the power of force.

And the boat - crashes. On any diamond - there is a cutter.

He - rescues it, or fragments of the boat pull out both from the abyss? It - is not important. The storm - passes, thresholds - behind. Exhausted, frayed - but they are live also in safety.

A that - the boat? Into smithereens. How to continue a further way? Ashore - there are a lot of other boats and smooth highways with fast and beautiful cars, there is also an airport with snow-white liners.

A here

Only fragments of the boat and your satellite in this scrape.

It gets from a pocket - " superglue;. They can stick together so that will be stronger than new. There were big pieces from the boat. There will be not many work.

To love - can paste a trip at the sea, and to children - fine holidays and campaigns in the wood.

If - big pieces from the boat did not remain any more, then the case will turn out not steady. And oars? She - offers

: - It is possible to look - that can carry out function of oars. The motor - it needs to be fuelled, and the stuck together boat will hardly hold the heavy, iron motor.

the Sail - is necessary a mast, something like a core for the boat.

Everyone - solves.

Someone will decide that it is better to stick together at least that, to attach the new propeller - further at way. That on the way to thresholds: He - did not make out other direction of the movement on the card, having been fond of power exercises on oars. And She - not paid attention to a boat dilapidation, to weakness of the details connecting parts - in whole, was too given to improvement of the beauty - long sunbathed on the sun.

I they will float further - to the following thresholds after which there is nothing any more will stick together.

And someone - will decide that this boat was given too much, but it did not equal hopes. Therefore, it is worth choosing other boat or to get into the sparkling car

I only those who after the first small signs of deterioration in a condition of the boat of life, will take in common required actions and it is sincere, attentive to desires of another, will plan a route of the way. They are will not meet on the way life thresholds . they will have no

I a question: Whether there is a sense to stick together the broken boat?