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Whether restriction of display of the House 2 with a positive measure is?

As became known, yesterday Presnensky Court of Moscow forbade TNT TV channel to show the " program; The House - 2 from 4 o`clock in the morning to 23 o`clock in the evening. I will remind that the reality - the show House 2 airs daily the sixth year. According to TNT TV channel the number of the viewers of the House 2 makes about 40 million people.

Near the phrase show House 2 in the press the epithet " is practically always used; scandalous . By the way, the same epithet is often used near a name of one of now three hosts of the project. However similar phrases are already rather speech stamps (from the point of view of stylistic norms, a sloosochetaniye with the erased semantics).

More than once authorities stated the negative attitude to this project. As it was already reported in the press, earlier the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliyev called the public and those who make decisions, to think seriously of doubtful impact on younger generation of the teleproject, having called what is shown in rollers and fragments of the " program; The House - 2 criminal act.

With House criticism - 2 also the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko who called the " project acted; foolish " broadcast; not really normal product while, for example, USE, in his opinion, probably, very normal product.

Really, there is a large number of people who consider the project scandalous, immoral, cheap etc. However there is no wonder, as any known concept, whether it be given a reality - show, all the famous books about Harry Potter, or, for example, the same authorities, has both supporters and ardent opponents. It is impossible to deny uniqueness of this telecast. The house 2 is a phenomenon not only the Russian, but also all world television. It was even included in the Guinness Book of Records as the long a reality - show.

Whether restriction of display of the House 2 with a positive measure is? In my opinion - no. And I speak not as the admirer of the House 2, and as the detached onlooker. I think that here have to be indignant all: who watches those, those who does not watch the House 2. Business here even not in it. Our government (the foolish word, in my opinion) decides that to us to look and that - no, that is deprives of us an option. Besides 40 million people lose an opportunity to watch transmission which many of them watch more than 5 years. Here it is possible to tell that the project was not closed, and only limited display time, but this restriction is equivalent to closing. Many years transfer leave in a prime - a time, at 9 o`clock in the evening. If the House 2 leaves after 11, its audience, as well as the income, sharply to be reduced. The project will cease to make profit and therefore, after a while it will be closed. Whether it will affect positively youth whose moral level falls, according to some, only, from - for Houses 2 (thus that the audience of the project is made absolutely not only by youth)? It is unlikely. There are transfers where this level is many times lower, in any case than transfer, to take at least advertizing. If to understand, then it is easier to close all TV, but there is also an Internet where banners with advertizing of a porn - the websites, jump out even on pages with children`s animated films.

The Scandalous program caused discontent of the Kremlin for the low moral " level;. If to speak about moral level, then to many authorities, it is necessary to put the in order in the beginning. Would deal with real problems, so is not present at the expense of any trifle create action illusion.