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What is the Leo constellation interesting by?

In a zodiac belt between Cancer and the Maiden settle down Leo constellation. Let`s try to understand as it was perceived in the ancient time and that is known of it to science of our days.

the Astronomical portrait

Having receded from strict following of chronology, we will begin the story with modern characteristics of Leo constellation. Except called Cancer and the Maiden it adjoins to star families under the name Bowl, Sextant, Leo Minor, Hydra, Veronika`s Hair, Big Dipper.


Space estate The Lion occupies the space in 497 square degrees and contains, on different sources, from 70 to 122 stars, visible with the naked eye, and the first number is given much more often. The head and breast of the king of beasts the Sickle called so from - for similarities to this ancient agricultural tool and as the sickle is obviously similar to a question mark forms an asterism, astronomers specify that here it is about its specular reflection. The asterism includes six stars: Regul, double system of Algiyebu and threefold - Algenubi.

We will notice that Regul is one of the brightest stars in the sky, in translation from Latin its name means kinglet and here Arabs believe that it is more true to call it Heart of a lion (Qa (Qalb Al - ´ asad). It approximately three times more Sun and, having temperature of a surface of 14 thousand degrees Kelvin, possesses luminosity which in one hundred times exceeds solar. Together with Arktur and Spika Regul forms so-called spring triangle which during a vernal time can be observed both in the northern hemisphere, and in southern.

Arktur deserves several separate lines in the story too. In - the first, it is a star of all terrestrial sky, the sixth on brightness, and in - the second, it in 1635 managed to be considered in the telescope in the afternoon, but not at night, and this honor belongs to the French astronomer and astrology the Moraine.

A number of stars represents anatomy of a mighty animal. So, mentioned Algiyeba - whether a forehead, whether a mane, Hort - a small edge, Chertan - two small edges, Tsoksa - a hip, Zosma - a belt in value of a waist, Denebola - a tail of a lion.

Interesting object the so-called Triplet of Lev which includes three spiral galaxies - M65, M66 and NGC 3628 is represented. If to peer into its image, then it is possible to find in it similarity with an amusing mug.

And, of course, it is impossible to ignore a meteor shower Leonid who it is possible to observe especially successfully from November 15 to November 19. In the middle of this period - on November 17 - in an hour about 10 meteors are fixed. And each 32 - 34 years spill star heavy rains, first of which is recorded in 1799, and then about thirty thousand meteors were registered. In 1966 their number made 144 thousand. However, on an outcome of the 20th century, in 1999 intensity of a meteoric rain was weaker.

Ancient views

Leo constellation - one of the most ancient. It is considered that it was known Sumer more than five thousand years ago. The Egyptian civilization connected constellation with the coming heat and flood of Nile. Images on which of star Lev`s mouth water flows escape remained, - from here and the tradition of a construction of fountains in the form of the lion`s head which is pouring out water streams went.

At Egyptians, as well as ancient Assyrians, vavilovyan, Persians, Hindus hunting for a lion was considered status, confirming the imperial power. And even earlier lions entered into suite of the goddess of Great mother. Given rise under Leo constellation were considered worthy for board, and tried to date a ceremony of crowning for this time.

The constellation is included also in Almagest well-known atlas of the star sky of Claudius Ptolemaeus. By the way, during an antique era the star Regul was used for maintaining a calendar, and the echo of it remained in Russian: word to regulate has a star origin.

In Ancient Greek mythology space Lev it is strongly connected with the first feat of Heracles which was carried out by order of the Mycenaean tsar Evrisfey (though Sumer Gilgamesh made similar much earlier). Heracles won against a terrible monster - the Nemeysky lion from whose skin arrows flew away as toothpicks, and the blow of a sword for an animal was similar to a penknife prick. Having convinced of uselessness of the weapon, the hero just in case whacked the opponent a club and, eventually, simply strangled, than rescued inhabitants of Nemei from many troubles.

In honor of this event Nemeysky games - sports meets during which across all Greece wars stopped were founded and the universal peace reigned. And the Thunderer Zeus sent the won lion to the star sky, whether for edification of people of Earth that did not forget about danger, whether as an advertizing campaign to the mighty son.

Much water has flowed under the bridges since that mythical time. Monsters, it seems, did not increase, but the mankind still invents more and more terrible types of weapon, directing it against each other. And so there is a wish for the world! And therefore everything, given rise under the sign of Lev, I wish the world - in a family, on service, in the relations with relatives and not really close people, including incidentally met on Road of Life. And on all Earth let there will be a world!