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And whether there was a New year?

Without symbols and conventions to us just anywhere. And as call us superstitious or professional Autonomous Non-Commercial Organizations vulgo - we all the same trust. We believe that it is impossible to look in the broken mirrors and that in time not slapped champagne cork generally, will have this year a rough time. Yes so it also is, probably - we partly program the prospect.

And so, about prospect. If to consider traditions and beliefs, we celebrated the youngest holiday, besides - calendar. And it - is frivolous what here spirits and the come true dreams if it is only about change of numbers in a calendar? Therefore if at you something did not turn out, friends brought or the dress was the wrong color - be not upset. New year was not yet! Most of inhabitants of the planet will note approach of New year 18 - go February. I can speak about the majority with confidence because among them there will be all Chinese.

So, according to ancient traditions of the people of the Central and East Asia, New year comes together with the first new moon which is bringing closer everything living by spring. Calendar according to the lunar calendar based on alternation of lunar phases does not coincide with the modern standard calendar which was intended for the period of the year address of Earth around the Sun. Therefore day of New year according to a lunar calendar falls on time from January 21 to February 20 according to a solar calendar.

For example, at cattle-farmers and nomads this period was always connected with end of an annual economic cycle when passes severe winter time, warming and together with it awakening of the nature from hibernation begins. This time is connected with mass reception of an issue at cattle, the beginning of abundance of dairy food. Here it, one of versions of the name of a holiday of New year - Sagaalgan (Tib. Tsagaalgan) - White month. Dairy month. In such holidays a variety of a food can marvel from milk - from flat cakes and rolls to the first and second courses. And, of course, the dairy food is a symbol of great respect when it is brought to deities on an altar or to the temple.

How to meet Lunar New year it is correct, it is possible to find a lot of interesting. There are most various traditions and rules. Two most important are distinguished from them: if you want noise and fun, go to Thailand or China. If with soul in every sense this word - to Lhasa.

And if it is absolutely serious - you have an excellent opportunity to unite got a bit tired from holidays and the subsequent lack of money of relatives and friends. First of all, to 18 - mu February clear, eventually, the house of excess things, and on mezzanines too! And about a balcony do not forget, anything, put on more warmly . And all that dusty stuff which you will collect needs not to be taken out to garage or on the dacha, and to put just accurately at garbage containers. Somebody will have a holiday and still. And at you that vital stream at last will begin to wander about the house, flying up above and above and dispersing.

Further. Wipe all mirrors, clean corners and the top floors of a house skyscraper from dust. And let to 17 - mu February your house shines purity!

And now - the main thing. Two councils which will make you happy and successful. Only you speak to nobody, it is terrible secret because comes true. (Here a smilie to represent hitryuchy such.) The first: find among children`s toys or souvenirs in a sideboard of a figure of a dragon, turtle and bird - a phoenix. If among members of household there are those who are given birth in a year of the Tiger, you need also a tiger figure. Place figures in places of honor: a dragon - on East side of the house, a bird - on southern, and a turtle - on northern, according to symbolics of parts of the world. This tradition is very popular in the countries of the Central and East Asia: a dragon (East) - happiness symbol, a turtle - wisdom and prosperity, a bird - a phoenix - longevity and health, and a tiger - safety and forces. These symbols will attract to your house all listed types of wellbeing, besides if your house stands incorrectly from the point of view of Winds and streams ( The Fan - Shui ) you have an opportunity on the eve of New year to modify defects of architects and builders.

And here one more bait of wellbeing - very beautiful Tibetan tradition. Prepare plates from a tree or a cardboard. Make them beautiful - decorate with a band or beads, suspend on motley ribbons. On plates write the following: Here happiness " comes; Here there lives health A good news " comes To this house; Here there lives the love Behind a threshold you are waited by good luck and so on - everything that you want that has to be in your house. Do not hesitate of an expression - put much in the affirmative - exclamation marks!!! Hang out these plates on all house. I will notice that they in itself add originality to an interior and absolutely definitely disturb nobody - they can be not removed for all year.

After that it is already possible to be puzzled with a meeting of New year. And 18 - go February you need a dress warm, fiery tones and the entertainment which is not including you carry by gods, a jelly where pork legs. Meet New year quietly and joyfully - we all were in time. Also you remember that svinyachy year is not an occasion to think that will treat you on - beastly - by no means. On one of ancient legends twelve animals including an economic sluggish boar, Buddha for presence on prayers concerning its Birthday awarded - made them symbols of a twelve-year cycle.

With coming! (And bekvokaly rushes cheerful hryu! .)