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What it is attractive by Mukachevo to tourists?

are the nice town of Mukachevo with population In the center of Zakarpatye slightly more than eighty thousand people. Low building gives a special cosiness to its streets, buildings abound with architectural jewelry, and Latorits`s river flowing across the territory of the city adds picturesqueness to a landscape.

Besides the people live friendly here, willingly speak in Russian and very in detail explain to visitors how to reach the place necessary to them, and even see off directly to this place.

Mukachevo has rich history. The first annalistic mention of it belongs to the 9th century. During the different historical periods the city which was at the intersection of trade ways was a part of the different states (Kievan Rus`, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine) thanks to what found an ethnic variety, and at the same time with it - and crossing of different cultures. Nowadays here representatives of 76 nationalities live: Ukrainians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians, Romanians, Jews, Germans, etc.

In the city and the district it is a lot of sights, including an ancient foundry of Celts, parking of ancient people of the period of a paleolith, the ancient settlement - the fortress of Thracian tribes, a Catholic chapel of Saint Joseph of the XI-XV centuries, so-called White House - the palace Rakotsi - Shyonborna (the 18th century) etc. of

In Mukachev`s vicinities, on the height called by the Red Hill is the most northern in the world a tea plantation. And near the village of Grabov the Black wood, the place mysterious, fanned by legends is located. In it is mute, for example, there is a marble cave manually hollowed by predatory gang to use as a warehouse of the stolen property. However, criminal activity angered locals before that once they gathered the whole world and dispersed robbers. It is considered that the Black wood does not suffer noisy visitors, and those who will venture to walk on it or to sit at least on an edge in evening, not to mention night hours, danger of death traps.

But the " lock enjoys the most great popularity in Mukachev; Palanok X_V - XV centuries, received the name from the oak paling surrounding it. There is it, as well as it is necessary, on the mountain. Height of its 68 meters, and an origin - volcanic. The big plan of the lock which is hung out on a wall of the lower terrace has the brought-down numbers of museum expositions and therefore it is necessary to wander at random, unexpectedly getting on some of them. It gives special color to a campaign on abrupt ladders. It is possible to get to the bottom on dark ladder flight, the casemate is reproduced there, and it is not casual: about hundred years (since the end of XVIII on the end 19th centuries) the lock was used as prison.

There is a belief that if to legs of a bronze figure of one of Palank`s owners, the Polotsk prince Fedor Koryatovich to put the note and not just like that and to touch a thumb, then it guarantees inflow of money.

A well in an internal court yard very impressive, its depth is 85 meters. It was used for storage of tanks with water on a case of a long siege, and on 73 meters in it steps are cut through. The legend is connected with this well that at the bottom of it as if the devil who jumped there in a fit of temper after large quarrel with the castle owner sits.

Except year-round, in Mukachev there are also seasonal traditions of reception of guests of the resort. So, in May to tourists recommend to visit the valley of narcissuses (the peak of their blossoming falls on the middle of month), and in January treat at a festival - a competition of a domestic wine Chervene " wine;.

Very pleasant place - Mukachevo, with all the heart I advise to go!