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Why heroes become villains?

It was in Mostovinsky skotootkormochny state farm. The big and deep pond in a night became covered with ice. In the morning two third-graders of Roofing felt Kalabin and Sasha Glukhov decided to drive on the first ice.

The first Sasha failed. Running behind him Roofing felt tried to turn back, but was late - ice left from under legs.

The workers of state farm standing on a dam noticed trouble. Volodya, having shouted to kids - keep! - grabbed a board and rushed to that place where children sank. On the run it dumped a jersey and boots.

In the beginning Volodya crept, pushing before himself a board, but, having seen that one of kids, having become exhausted, began to leave under water, jumped and ran.

Ice did not sustain, Volodya appeared in ice water. Having swum up to children, it put to Kalabin`s Roofing felt on a board, and picked up Sasha under a mouse.

But it could not break ice and float - hands were occupied. There was one: to keep until the help comes.

Several people, having tied round ropes, tried to reach an ice-hole, but ice failed at the coast and they were pulled out back.

At last lowered the boat. Sitting in it at first cut through ice and only after that slowly moved ahead.

When the boat entered an ice-hole and hands of the help laid down on shoulders of the courageous guy, he fainted.

Volodya in ice water stuck to more than an hour. Risking the life, he rescued two others.

Recently I met the courageous young man. Ordinary fellow. He is sixteen years old. Ended eight classes, now works in state farm - helps the father to carpenter.

Volodya already recovered after an illness and came to work. Zdorovy and Sasha from Roofing felts. Both of them study .

This newspaper cutting which turned yellow from time and rumpled 46 years. The name " is underlined with a red pencil; Risking life . I found her houses under documents because Volodya is my father.

Later, 25 years later, he will repeat the feat and will rescue already me. In the warm summer evening we all family went to bathe to the small river. None of vacationers of families paid attention that the orange inflatable balsa turned over, having covered the little girl with the head. The choking shouts about the help were heard only by my father and right there hurried to the aid.

- More you will not bathe today! - the father strictly told, seating me on the coast.

After a while I was told other history from the fatherly childhood. During that time rural children went to study to school for several tens kilometers from the house. Skis, the gun with cartridges, a backpack with the frozen soup (the cooked soup was spilled on cups and took out on the street where it stiffened, then this piece of ice was shaken out) - here and all simple belongings at way to light knowledge.

In the winter evening the school student Volodya went on the wood. Suddenly, behind it gray were coordinated. Having quickly reached the first stack, he climbed up to the very top where he stayed all night long, shooting back wolves and gnawing a piece of the frozen soup. And escaped. Came tearing along in a class before all in the morning and for a long time took breath.

Well so why this brave fair-haired boy, and later the electrical technician who was repairing planes, falling asleep in one city, and waking up in another suddenly turned suddenly into the debauchee, the bawler, the deep drunkard reaching delirium tremens in the despot scoffing at the wife and the children?

All this from an implementation failure of as persons, as person. The electrogenerating plant conducted patronage of collective farm where there lived my mother. So there also remained. Mother flatly refused to follow the husband. Internal experiences of the father made the business.

If internal fire is directed not in out of to shine itself and other people, and in inside, leaving behind ashes, a soot and the smoke of offense, rage, hatred dimming eyes, then after a while the person himself destroys himself.

Many wives, after the birth of children, forget that they, first of all women, and only then nursing mothers. They turn away from those who were chosen as the partners in life, remove on a background of yesterday`s heroes. Not each man can endure such turn of events and - retires into oneself, under the shell.

We are not able to be attentive to each other, to apologize and forgive, pronounce the current questions. To pronounce that`s it, but not to low everyone in the party. From here and all misunderstanding, rage and offense, desire always to be right and unwillingness to make concessions.

Glorify, you praise, support the fathers, husbands, brothers, and then the line of a sort will be always open, all affairs will be argued, and eyes of the family will meet you by joyful gloss. Heroes will remain heroes, it will not want to be villains it any more!