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Where to have a rest during a high season?

Come most hot month of summer. For some reason at most of Russians holiday drops out for August. And at this time in all European resorts the highest prices of placement are established. The cost of permits increases in travel agencies in comparison with June by one and a half times. But that it is necessary to have a rest-!

Where and how to have a rest? Dacha - not at all is, and some already and do not consider stay at it as rest The Lodge in the village - option, of course, but besides not everyone is a house owner. Weather at us unpredictable whether there will be mushrooms - berry is unknown Though those which love the agricultural grounds, of course, anyway will have a rest.

And what to do landless to fans of the sea? In the Mediterranean resorts of the price at all not anti-recessionary these resorts became available to the little. And to leave far and for a long time not everyone, even possessing necessary means, is able to afford. The beaches, Sochi and adjacent to them, in August are densely covered by vacationers, and the prices in August and here rise, and service from it does not improve.

However there are in our country places known not for much, but many well forgotten. This Russian coast of Baltic. There it is possible to reach and by train, both by plane, and by car (of course, to inhabitants of the European part of our country).

Certainly, and there are expensive hotels and fancy cottages. But, having rummaged in search engines of the Internet, it is possible to find coordinates guest houses where the cost of placement begins from three hundred rubles a day on the person. Lodges very cozy, as a rule, it is possible to use also services of the cook.

Climate of the Kaliningrad beach soft, Baltic. Here seldom there are very hot days, the heat is softened by fresh sea air. Well here and that who hard transfers fluctuations of temperature.

Storm in August happen very seldom, but also they bring the most pleasant impressions here - after a storm it is possible to find pieces of amber which will always remind of the days spent on Baltic in coastal sand.

And beaches of the Kaliningrad beach will satisfy any - white clean sand, the sea which got warm during the summer. The swimming season lasts to the middle of September here. In August the warm sea is provided. Except the summer sun, the warm work does also Gulf Stream.

The unique phenomenon of the Kaliningrad beach - the well-known Curonian Spit. It is the narrow sandy strip separating from the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Bay. Its extent makes about 100 km. In the bottleneck, at the settlement Forest, its width makes only 400 meters, and in the widest, near the settlement Fishing - 4 km.

Curonian Spit - the natural reserve. Its many plants are included in the Red List. There also some species of migratory birds which stop here during the spring and autumn travel are brought. On ornithological station where the koltsevaniye of birds is made, it is possible to make excursion.

However the main sight is the well-known dunes, huge hills of small sand created by wind.

The most remarkable feature of Curonian Spit for vacationers is a prevalence of good weather. Even when in other places of the Kaliningrad beach it is raining, here the sun usually shines. The strip is covered with the dense wood protecting it from bad weather. From - for the Baltic winds of a pine grow under a bias therefore the wood turns out drunk .

Except fine rest, on Curonian Spit it is possible to restore health: sandy beaches, the sea air penetrated by a needles smell, the warm sun and mineral waters with peat dirt.

Therefore, without wasting time, solve " rather; transport question. And you will always find housing in the Kaliningrad region!