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Who such “ Frau ΐαΰζσπ “? Elza Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman`s face of

the Man sat on a bench. Near it the old woman with a dog sat. The man with enthusiasm spoke about something, but the old woman listened to a vpolukh, even without having turned to it. Meanwhile, he was sober and tidy - probably, just looked for the good interlocutor.

Told that during a time of its student`s practice, their group was sent … to Dresden. All classmates rushed off in art gallery, and it - under the own steam … to Buchenwald. What for? Probably, such mentality - to fix a look not on beauty, and on reality even if the most terrible. And now I, having sat down on a bench near it, became silent for a long time because Yury told terrible things about which by all means has to know and always remember the Person …

Buchenwald. passed a quarter of one million prisoners from all European countries Through its walls! Ponder: 250 thousand prisoners! The whole city, with women, old men and children, with a barbed wire and rattle of sheep-dogs, with supervisors and informers. And still - with constantly aching thought in the head: “ No exit! “

A concentration camp where died of cold and hunger. (The wood wall that protected the camp constructed on the mountain from dank winds, was cut ruthlessly down, and the prisoners pining for hours at camp gate were already doomed. And from a camp kitchen garden here publicly shot for a radish bunch).

Later ill fame of the place where make medical experiments on prisoners whose ambassador tens of thousands of prisoners die painful death was assigned to Buchenwald. About 100 people in day died! And the dead Prisoners continued to submit for muster that others got the portions intended for them …

all arrived, there were not enough chambers. And then under barracks the former stables, 50 by 40 meters, without windows, only with a thin layer of hay on a floor went. In such stables there lived about 750 people! And when the neighbor on the right or at the left died, people rejoiced that room was made to have a sleep a little … Is amazing

, but in these walls many prisoners not to go crazy from what was seen, learned a foreign language, drew, wrote verses. The person all the same remains the person how tried to make of him an animal!

But most of all in camp were afraid not of the commandant - Karl Otto Koch, the officer differing in immense cruelty - and … his wife, Elza (Ilzu, Ilze) Koch.

Till thirty years Elza Koch was a silent, imperceptible librarian. Then (at own will!) she got a job in a concentration camp. Marriage with Karl Koch proved once again: “ similar attracts similar “ and this infernal couple began to create the atrocities in Buchenwald.

Elza Koch liked to come out to the platform in front of the house on a white horse while prisoners cleaned a parade-ground toothbrushes. Or came for walk accompanied by a furious sheep-dog, setting her on pregnant women and children.

The whip madam Koch of a sekl godlessly all who occurred in her path. And after - skinned the dead bodies with sites of tattoos, in the special way processed “ material “ also sewed from it handbags, gloves, lamp shades and even the thinnest underwear. The colleagues coming to it to the house and seeing the piece of human skin tense on a plafond felt ill at ease. It and was called - “ Frau ΐαΰζσπ “.

Once Elza saw the tall, stately youth in crowd of prisoners. The broad-shouldered two-meter athlete was pleasant to the witch at once, and Elza ordered to fatten strenuously to protection the Czech. In a week it was given a dress coat and brought into madam Koch`s rooms. It left to it in a pink peignoir, with a glass of champagne in a hand. However the guy was twisted:

- I will never sleep with you. You are an esesovka, and I am a communist! You be damned!

Elza slapped it a face and right there caused protection. The young man was shot. And then Elza ordered to get heart in which the bullet got stuck from his body and to alcoholize it. A capsule with heart, of two good fists, it put on the bedside table. With nights in her bedroom light - Elza by the light of " quite often burned; tattooed “ the lamp shade, looking at dead powerful heart, composed romantic verses …

It is incomprehensible, but in several meters from camp the zoo was constructed. He reflected in quality “ psychological unloading “ for SS-men and members of their families after the intense working day. Elza Koch with own hand sent for the open-air cage of prisoners - for worry to two Himalaya she-bears …

“ Bukhenvaldskaya of a bough “ her prisoners called. Together with other esesovka which killed to death hundreds of people, Elza Koch heads the list of the most awful women of the planet for all world history. In this ominous list - and Saltychikh`s landowner who bungled to death tens of serfs; and the Spanish baroness who was giving a green light to public burning of heretics; and the English nurse giving deadly injections to children and old men … of

the Terrible collection of pieces of human skin was the powerful proof against Elza Koch in post-war court. 240 people were invited as living witnesses of atrocities which were created by her, being the commandant`s wife. “ Bukhenvaldsky witch “ it was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1967 it hung itself in the chamber on sheets. Without any repentance and farewell letters...

Today from barracks of Buchenwald there was only a base which is laid out by a cobble-stone. On the place of a scorched earth (as though there was no all this hell here!) beds of roses and a chain of scarlet tulips are put.

About each construction - a memorial inscription: “ Barrack No. 14. Here contained rum and a sinta “ “ No. Barrack... Here teenagers " contained; “ No. Barrack... Here Jews " contained; …

Ominously crematorium pipes stick out. In its walls plates with names in different languages are built in: relatives of the dead immortalized memory of the relatives. Towers of sentries, a barbed wire in several rows and iron gate with the inscription " remained; Jedem das Seine “ (“ To Everyone - the “) .

Remember mothers who will never wait for the children from war! Follow ways of the teenagers drawing a fascist swastika and shouting: “ Heil Hitler! “ It should not never repeat.

Create on this earth something fine, every day and each hour. Also protect life of the relatives!