Rus Articles Journal


(part 1) So, we will begin.....


In a notebook we write Bush hid the facts (in the reode from English it means that Bush suppresses the facts.

Save and close the file. Rediscover the file - look what turned out.

2. Now about Word. All perfectly remember that ill-fated flight flight (on September 11) was called

Q33. It ended in New York City (NYC). In American operational

the Windows system is such standard shriftik under the name Wingdings. Let`s make experiment.

Open Microsoft Word. Make a font larger (e.g. 50) that

better was visible. Gather Q33 NYC, and replace a font with Wingdings. How

to you result?

3. We win in “ " kerchief; in 3 seconds. Stupidly we press Alt+Shift+2. (Alt is better at the left, the two it is better not on the digital keyboard, and over letters) zero will be

of Points from it, by itself, all the same.

4. It is a little words about worde....... To change the mouse pointer to a cross or a pattern, press

of Ctrl + Alt and the " key; + “ on NumLock - e

Ctrl + Alt and the " key; + “ among figures

to gather a smilie, press a colon and the corresponding parentheses.

Besides, Word persistently suggests to replace one word with another:

“Jedi“, “gaishny“ on “gashishny“

, on “eat up“

“mobile phone“ on “burial ground“ (be careful!)

“informality“ on “abnormality“.

A here I look for several hooligan examples

“Having bought by tickets“ on “Having lit by tickets of“

“It is necessary to tighten ropes“ on “It was necessary to tighten shorts“

“It was in Down“ on “It in a sauna“ or “It was in Dan!“

“Domestic stars shine on a platform“ on “Domestic stars bleat on a platform“ (Word 7. 0)

“I love Irinka“ on “I love a fly“.

5. In windows it is forbidden to create folders with the names CON, AUX, NUL, PRN, and similar as it names of the devices and functions reserved in windows.

6. Come into start-up - to execute and enter telnet towel. blinkenlights. nl - is necessary connection to the Internet and we WATCH STAR WARS.