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And with whom you spend the holidays?

Summer - a time of holidays, and holiday - so long-awaited action that to neglect its organization many consider as just unattainable luxury. If you are going to leave for the period of holiday out of limits of a constant habitat somewhere, then it is very important to think over a question and with whom exactly you will spend these happy three weeks? And it is necessary to choose the holiday-maker - the accomplice so that holiday from happy three weeks did not turn in boring three weeks or the intolerable and irritating three weeks .

Of course, it is not only about summer holidays: people leave on deserved annual rest and among winter, but also in this case the few will obviously want to have a rest alone. Survey conducted by one famous female magazine showed that any of his readers would not like to spend the holidays alone.

With darling - in a tent!

It is natural, more than a half of respondents plan to enjoy rest together with darling. But in this option of carrying out holiday, of course, there are also minuses.

In - the first, the possibility of a holiday romance though, in all honesty, some representatives of a fine half of mankind are in time how to be told, " is completely excluded; to combine business with pleasure .

In - the second if you are going to spend long-awaited holidays not with the lawful spouse, and only with the candidate for this place, then it will be hardly possible to relax completely. In the opinion of darling there is always a wish to be on the ball, to be or to seem at least perfection. And what this perfection with the hair tousled since morning, ink traces under eyes and an easy musty smell of the tequila drunk yesterday?

One my friend, having gone with future groom to the well-known Black Sea resort, returned absolutely exhausted: she woke up daily at six in the morning, refreshed a hairdress, directed waterproof meyk - ap, and then came to the beach in such look that it could be put from beach pebble directly on a red carpet near the celebrities receiving Oscar .

With the potential competitor - behind holiday romances!

the choice of readers of women`s magazine, the Second for popularity. It is necessary to tell, holiday with the girlfriend - it is cheerful and interesting, it is not necessary to miss obviously, especially if you and your girlfriend have identical ideas of good rest. But upas you God to go to have a rest with the girlfriend who enjoys bigger popularity at representatives of an opposite sex, than you. Watching the admirers curling around the girlfriend, you will spoil at all not only holiday, but also the relations with the girlfriend.

The similar picture which is only specularly reflected can arise if your girlfriend uses smaller, than you, interest at men. In this case every day you I will accompany holidays half-words, offenses, causticities and flashes of jealousy. So no holiday romance in pleasure will exist. You will tell that I too badly think of people, but it is, unfortunately, only facts of life.

without departing from a cradle

Well and, at last, the smallest number of readers of women`s magazine would like to spend holidays with the child or children. On me, so I also do not present other option to myself. But, on the other hand, holiday with children can become the real rest only if near you there is someone to whom it is possible to shift at least part of responsibility for kids. It is constant to care for children, to worry about whether they are dressed, whether are fed, whether are healthy - heavy work though most of men already perceive it as by the itself understood duty of women.

It is quite clear that the woman would like to have an opportunity completely to relax at least couple of days and not to think of anybody, except itself. Other question whether mummy will be able to spend the whole holidays far from children? Whether such rest will turn into torture if constantly to miss the babies, to toil, torment itself with experiences of the " type; and suddenly or and as they there ?

Well, to make the decision with whom to spend holidays, it is as important how to decide where it to carry out, and often and much more important. Any place can become paradise on the earth in the company good, lovely to heart. And if we are quiet and happy, then to us it will be good also in the glorified European resort, and in an old lodge in the village, and in a tent on the bank of the lake.

And with whom you spend the holidays?