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10 most anticipated movies of next fall

13th area: Ultimatum

the rubber duet which is Fallen in love to the viewer goes for a barbed wire with the next peacekeeping mission. This time, the captain Tomasso and his friend Leyto need to settle quickly the conflict between five bands.

Otherwise, the government will fill in the unsuccessful area with napalm, and will construct a supermarket on the ashes.

Sequel 13th area the original promises to become even more adrenalinic attraction, than: judging by trailers, Luc Besson finally accustomed in the territory of Sammo Hoon.

New moon

In the second part twilight saga (by the way, put by the confidential coproducer American " pie;) Bella Swan remains one.

Robert Pattinson: photos, quotes and the facts from life in the file of the actor.

For a while, however. The door (he dumped the girlfriend for the sake of its safety), and Jacob Blek already here does not manage to be closed behind Edward Cullen.

Kristen Stewart: photos, quotes and the facts from life in the file of the actress.

But what, if Indians - not what seem? Oh, little girls. We so worry, so we worry .

Country of a zobma the World occupied by living dead persons is not necessarily sad and sad

. The world occupied by living dead persons can be something like the boundless amusement park.

Zombilend - the black comedy in the spirit of unforgettable The Zombie by the name of Sean . With that subject difference that local heroes enjoy a situation everyone on the of manners.

Bill Murray: photos, quotes and the facts from life in the file of the actor.

Woody Harrelson plays live. Bill Murray - the dead. Perhaps, this opposition will be more interesting than dismantling on a path to bowling.

Anti-killer 3

the suspicion that the third " Is; Anti-killer it will turn out entertaining history and without younger Konchalovsky.

Clinical record, certainly: at the Fox disintegration of the personality, the enemy somewhere absolutely nearby, a teaser terminates in the word p? % * . Only you do not say that it is not interesting to you.


A, if Anti-killer it will be in insufficient degree the movie - accident, we always have Roland Emmerich - the person for whom p? % * both inspiration source, and creative method, and daily bread.

Columbia Pictures transferred movie " release; 2012 .

A star landing, pranks of the Godzilla, the global warming which is smoothly passing into Ice Age - all this was only rehearsal.

2012 - it is the end of days, worth 200 million. The handful uchenyk under the direction of (ha - ha) John Cusack will resist to it.

So, as they say, fasten belts, have a nice apocalypse.

Where there live monsters

of Missile defense the screen version it (appears) b of the well-known book of the American writer Maris Sendak which Dzhounz did three years, long ago tell terrible.

Say, for example, that bosses of Warner Bros., having looked at draft option, Dzhounz dismissed, and completed the movie already without it. Dzhounz, however, disproves this information: in a faint, fell, was, but to dismiss did not dismiss.

We publish shots from the tape Where there live monsters .

First of all studio bigwigs were guarded that 80 million are spent for something, looking as a result as show of dolls - giants. In - the second, they were upset from - for the fact that children cannot show the screen version of the children`s book - too cleverly and in places ominously.

The best music video directors shooting film.

About the one to whom it is addressed already actively discuss: one think that all - to the developed children, others - that the infantile adult.

If to judge on a trailer, it something average between Infinite history Wolfgang Peterson and My neighbor Totoro Hayao Miyazaki (that does not remove, and adds questions more likely).

In a word, hayp around Monsters serious. It will be amusing if inconsistent dolls - giants clean sense of collecting Transformers - it can do in a root and for a long time change typical shape of the Big Studio Movie.


A here the Big Studio Movie in the traditional appearance - the screen version of comics, Bruce Willis in headliners.

Bruce Willis: photos, quotes and the facts from life in the file of the actor.

Near anti-utopian future. People do not leave the dwellings without extreme need - outside for them everything is done by replicants.

The police officer, whose copy died under ominous circumstances, is forced to undertake investigation.

The Halcyon Co. will put Filip K. Dick`s novel on legs.

Generally, it, for certain, would be pleasant to Filip Dick. And that is good for Filip Dick, it is good for all.

Informant Fbrovtsa`s

, inclined to snitching of the high-ranking manager of the huge food company (which illegally plays pranks with the prices of corn or something like that), in horror: their informant has a tendency to bipolar disorders.

Matt Damon: quotes and the facts from life in the file of the actor.

Soderbergh treats history (by the way, real and very resonant) as the black comedy.

It is very likely that it will turn out far more fascinatingly and more ridiculously, than koenovskiya After reading to burn .

The Destination - 4 the Death which the next small group of teenagers deceived works with

overtime again.

Throughout four series a plot Destination remained invariable - here important not why teenagers and as they die die.

We got a poster to the movie Destination 4 .

In sense of spectacular mutilation the fourth " Point; inspires great expectations: in a director`s chair David R. Ellis is the author of the second and best part of series.

The Closed island

On all signs The Closed island (it Island Tent it Shutter Island ) - looks almost a horror that, you see, not the most typical genre for Scorsese.

It is added by mysticism - a detective story of an intrigue.

Leonardo DiCaprio: photos, quotes and the facts from life in the file of the actor.

Besides, the devilry occurs in a mental hospital of a high security here. And DiCaprio and a mental illness is a combination which yet never brought.