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How to the beginning poet to find the first readers? Forums, portals, magazines, publishing houses

As the way leading the beginning poet to network popularity looks? One of options - your active participation in various discussions at literary forums. Be registered at the most attended literary forums, ask the questions interesting you, answer questions of others, without forgetting to specify at the same time in the signature of each message the reference to your website. There is also a sense to invite visitors of a forum to your website or to publish your work at a forum and to invite his visitors to speak, discuss your creativity.

If you write songs, pay special attention to forums of the famous performers: there, as a rule, daily are very much also many visitors whose some part can become also your visitors over time. Communicate at these forums, suggest it to visitors to examine your creativity, publish texts of your songs there: you have every chance of receiving comments, opinions, comments and so on. And if to you strongly carries if your song is pleasant to the performer at whose forum you lit its text, then, it is quite possible that it will even execute it. Very much you should not hope for it, but, nevertheless, you should not dismiss also.

One more option of advance of your creativity: this placement of the most successful works on various literary websites, for example, on www. stihi. ru about which I also want to talk in more detail.

Verses. ru is one of the largest literary portals, having astounding average daily attendance. Right after the publication your work for some time gets on the main page of the website that can bring you up to several tens readers in a couple of hours. On each your work the electronic certificate protecting your copyright is granted. Readers can leave you comments, comments, to share the impressions with you and so on. For each reading, each comment into your virtual account points which you can spend for advertizing of your work within a portal subsequently are charged.

Is on the website as well the mass of various competitions in which and you can participate.

You can earn points, and leaving comments to other authors. At the same time each of authors whose section you visited on a page of statistics of its readings will see also the reference to your section, therefore, at desire will be able to read your works, in turn.

Verses. ru will allow you not only to find new readers, significantly having advanced your creativity, but also to considerably advance your website. Specify the reference to your official site in information on yourself, do not forget to specify references to pages of your website where your texts were initially placed, at addition of new works all leading Russian-language search engines surely will notice it. They will index these websites, and the flow of visitors from searchers to you can increase. And it, in turn, will bring additional readers among whom there can also be representatives of various publishing houses, magazines.

This website has an opportunity to advertize your works within a portal and for money, but I would not advise you to use these services. They inexpensive (100 rubles or the SMS, which cost from 48 rubles - depending on the country and mobile operator), but ineffective. I last month tested this service. For the SMS, cost me 12 hryvnias, I ordered placement of the reference to my account on the main page of a portal - in the tape Authors invite . In this tape it is published all - navsy three author`s invitations, and everyone new, getting on the first place, lowers the third line in archive. As soon as I sent the SMS, my invitation right there appeared on the main page. But in five minutes I was the third, and through ten - went to archive. During this time came to my account all - navsy 10 people. And when I publish new work on a portal, it absolutely free of charge gets on the main page and brings me on average 20 - 30 readers a day. Conclusions, I think, obvious.

The following option of advance of your creativity - addition of your e-book in various the Internet - libraries. If you already experienced user of the personal computer, for you does not make special work to create the electronic collection of the best works in some of popular formats: pdf, chm, djvu and so on. Find about ten the Internet - libraries, be written off with their owners and ask them to place your book. As a rule, owners of such libraries with hunting meet requirements of you, without demanding any payment.

And, of course, it is worth to remember about magazines, publishing houses and various literary competitions. Regularly you find new and try the forces. Participate in all competitions available to you, offer your works to publications in all possible magazines, try to be written off with all real publishing houses and to discuss possible versions of the edition of your books. Who looks for, that surely finds! Try and, the main thing, do not despair when receiving refusal. Remember that one consent can be even on one hundred refusals. But if not to try, then and one consent can not be!.

Try all options, without rejecting any, look for and test new, and then, I am sure, over time at you surely everything will turn out.

This article is focused on advance of verses, songs and poems, however all options of advance, in it described, are fully applicable also to prosaic works, to articles. Www portal. stihi. ru in this case only should replace it with, so to speak, prosaic analog - www. proza. ru. And, naturally, to replace forums of performers with forums of writers.

Good luck to you, dear authors, and victories on the literary front! And, if there is a desire, visit my official site, get acquainted with my creativity, criticize it, express your opinion, share your impressions about read - I will be very grateful to you for it!