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How to the beginning poet to find the first readers? The website and mailing of

Each author of poems, songs, poems, certainly, is interested in that his works did not become dusty in a box of a table or one of the folders placed on the hard drive, and were published, found the readers. For the author - I on myself know it! - the fact that its work is read that on it comments, comments, criticism and so on are received is extremely important.

And if the author a beginner if his name is not known to a wide range of readers yet if there were no collections with its verses yet, then the way to popularity, a way to the first readers for it lies on the Internet. Only on the Internet today the beginning author, without investing big money in the promotion, in the edition of the collection, will be able to receive the desirable, long ago required: first readers, first responses, first criticism and other. I also began with it, and my many friends and acquaintances, and many nowadays famous authors; I recommend to begin with it also to you, dear readers writing verses, songs and poems.

What it is necessary to make to become known and readable on the Internet? What stages need to be passed?

For a start, I consider, it is necessary to get the website. It is not obligatory to do at once the website on a paid hosting, to buy the domain of the second level. The planned website is not the commercial project, and, therefore, the free hosting, for example, the same www also can be suitable for it. narod. ru. The first version of my literary website settled down exactly there. On the website it is necessary to tell about himself, to place the coordinates for feedback - whether it be an e-mail address, number ICQ or phone - and, of course, to publish a selection of the poems, songs, poems.

It is not obligatory to do the website, it is quite possible to manage LiveJournal or other blog. The main thing that on the Internet there was a place where all your works what only are in the Network would be collected, there were your coordinates for feedback, information on you.

In principle, it is possible to make the website later, at one of the following stages, so to speak, of your formation. But I would recommend to get the website right at the beginning: at least in order that your works republished then on other resources, were noticed by searchers, first of all, on your website. It very strongly is useful to you later when you are known and readable. The people who are looking for your poems in searchers will get not on various foreign websites where your separate works, and on your official site on which not only the fullest selection of your creativity, but also exhaustive information on you - as about their author contains are laid out.

So, suppose, the website at you already is, on it your works, information on you, your contacts are placed. What to do is farther?

And further it is necessary to attract visitors on your website, to show to potential readers your works. How it can be made? You can go in two ways:

1. to be engaged in promotion of your website;

2. to be engaged in advance of content of your website, that is your works.

An optimal variant as to me it is thought, this combination of both ways. Then the effect will be higher, and your objectives will be quicker achieved. But also work it is necessary to put more. Or to spend for paid promotion.

About promotion of the website it is possible to find a lot of various information in the Network, and I will not stop on this moment. Main subject of this article: advance of results of creativity, but not the website on which they are posted. And there is a huge set of various options. I will tell about the main which I use.

One of them - author`s mailing. It can be opened, for example, on the same Subscribe. ru. For opening and conducting mailing from you nothing will be taken, it is absolutely free service. In mailing it is possible to report the creative news, to share plans with readers and, of course, to publish the new works.

I recommend, however, your new creations to publish at first on own website, and then - in mailing and on other resources. An exception can be unless literary competitions where only those works which were not published earlier anywhere are allowed to participation. Or publications in the magazines insisting on observance of such condition. Only in these cases it is possible to post work on the website after the publication in other place. In more detail about it you can read nearly in any material on promotion of the website - it is about author`s, original content.

your creation can be published in mailing in two ways:

1. to Insert only initial stanzas after which to give the reference conducting on the full text of the work located on own website. Subscribers will pass to your website, increasing its attendance, and, perhaps, to look through as well your other works placed there.

2. to Publish work completely, and at the end to specify the reference to a page of your website where this text is also placed. In this case mailing will not bring a large number of additional visitors to your website, but the lazy subscribers who are not liking to go on the websites will be able to study right there the full text of your work, and impatient will not unsubscribe.

How exactly to you to conduct mailing, choose. Both ways have pluses and the minuses, the conveniences and inconveniences. It is possible to try at first one, then another, and then to be defined. I, for example, publish full texts of the works in mailing, but I issue from time to time, so to speak, the digest of the best consisting of the first stanzas and references to the website with full texts. You can test also such scheme of conducting mailing. Perhaps, it will interest you.

About other ways of advance of the creativity - in the following article.