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How to improve sight?

Strangely enough, Her Majesty Tykva can help with it. Last summer for improvement of an organism we with the husband began to drink fresh pumpkin juice. And that you think, my husband removed points, he had a sight +1,5, and I had to buy other glasses.

Tykva ranks high in dietary food: it is rich with gentle cellulose, promotes work of intestines, helps it to be cleared of harmful substances. Who eats pumpkin, that suffers from diseases of a liver, any nephrites less. The pulp of fruits contains salts of silicon and phosphoric acids carotene and vitamin C, vitamins of group B, improves work of intestines, is applied against locks as diuretic at diseases of kidneys and a liver, strengthens removal of salts from an organism. Needs of an organism for vitamin A can be filled both at the expense of the vitamin A, and at the expense of his predecessor - pro-vitamin A (carotene). The most valuable source of pro-vitamin A is pumpkin. Connections with And - vitamin activity are capable to collect in a human body and to remain about one year. Therefore it is very important to use as much as possible vegetables rich with carotene during a summer season.

The world of pumpkin is various. There are plants large and small-fruited, is spherical and flattened. There are also many other forms. Vegetable marrows and bush pumpkins belong to kinds of pumpkin. They differ in quality and taste a little and are almost equivalent, but on a table look differently, for example, the convex party of a bush pumpkin can be stuffed with meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables. To extinguish in an oven, then a tax on a table in greens on a beautiful tray. The dish will be really festive. It is possible to fill small bush pumpkins and on a table a tax to everyone in kettle - too it is original. Do not forget: if it is pleasant to eat a dish, then the food is acquired better and the mood turns out good.

From pumpkin cook flat cakes, bake even bread with pumpkin, it goes to various salads, and add it as I skin, and boiled, fried. With pumpkin cook soups, porridges, put it in garnishes. And jam, and jams? In all types it is good! Eat and be not ill!

Pumpkin seeds are tasty and useful. If to roast them and to clear, then the pleasant delicacy will turn out. Kernels also suit for topping of cookies and as an additive to the cream which is shaken up with cream. Seeds of pumpkin can compete to taste to nuts. Important and that these seeds always near at hand. A favourite gift for children. By the way, and very useful - the tested helminthic (positive action is observed in 25% cases).

Many gardeners grow up small-fruited decorative pumpkins. They are very colourful, and are stored long time fresh. It is possible to make unusual boxes and jugs of them.

In recent years among vegetable growers - fans enjoys wide popularity so-called Vietnamese vegetable marrow Indian cucumber etc. - a form of a lagenariya long. Young ovaries taste like vegetable marrows, from here often in the people call them vegetable marrows or cucumbers. The vegetable lagenariya is grown up on lanes. The ovaries which reached 1 meter in length, but yet not coarsened cut off and use as vegetable marrows.

Fall in love with pumpkin, and it will thank you!